Home Again Part 69

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Jenny POV...

Finally, we were going home.

I was sitting in the plane beside Daniel with my head against his shoulder as he leaned his head onto mine as we just sat there and listened to the sounds around us at that particular moment.

I won't deny that I like to sit in first class. We can afford it so why not? I have my children around us and I know that in a few short months or so, the rest of my family will be joining us out here in Australia too.

Hearing the soothing voice of Miss Abby as she was talking to the girls brought a smile to my face as I remembered what had occurred not long before we started packing to come home.

Miss Abby had been out that morning going over to visit her older sister. When she came back, she had a bit of a stunned look on her face. She told us why after she sat down and had a cuppa tea to settle her nerves.

"It seems that my older sister is not giving up on me living with her, not for any reason." She muttered in an annoyed voice to us across the table from her.

"Why, what did she do?" I asked her quietly as I hope that she was still coming back with us but understood that she might not be coming back either. She has only just been reunited with her sister and didn't want to loose touch with her again.

Seeing Miss Abby burst into laughter was not what we expected either. We shortly found out why, I thought as I remembered the events that followed. That lead to us all being here now..

Lifting my head off Daniel's shoulder, I turned to look at the two girls behind us as they were talking with the others. "the two old cantankerous girls" as Daniel calls Miss Abby and Miss Lilah when they are together.

And yes, you heard me right, Miss Lilah is with us on our flight home to Australia.

It seems that the moment that Miss Lilah had met up  with her little sister again that night, she started putting her affairs into order and before we even knew about it, she was primed and ready to come home with us. I think it also had something to do with our kids too.

Miss Abby told her sister that she couldn't leave her babies yet. They still needed teaching. But it might be worth it if Miss Lilah could come out and help her back on the station. There were lots of kidlets that needed teaching out there and Miss Lilah was still a teacher.

My kids all went over and smothered Miss Lilah with information about what life was like at home. They said she'd love it too.

Then Miss Lilah surprised us with a dual citizen passport. It seems that she had known about the plans for our family to all move out here and she didn't want to be left behind either. So she was going to come home with us.

What she did do was sell her house ages ago on condition that she would be able to rent it back off the new owners until she left. So when she found out when we were about to leave, she rocks up to Mum's house with a couple of suitcases that's he made Rhys and Micah carry for her and said she was coming with us.

So that's why she's on the plane with us chatting away with her sister and also chatting with the kids who were around her.

Turning back around with a deep breath, I leaned back against Daniel who had lifted his arm to wrap around me and pull me closer to him after lifting the arm rest from between us. What else I was thinking about was the crates that were in the cargo hold below us.

A lifetime of memories in the Roberts family, especially those of George and Violet's.

There were also memories that I would be taking from this visit back home with us. The most memorable one will be the ashes I left behind. The ones from the tree house. I made an oath years ago when Mack betrayed me that I would burn it to the ground and I did. I waited for the farmers close by to light their fires signalling their burn off to get rid of the scrubby bush that was laying around the place.

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