He likes your twin more than you (Part 3)

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Niall: After arriving home, Niall carried you out of the car into the flat and began cooking your favorite dinner, which was macaroni cheese. He made it homemade so it was a special treat for you. You began eating it excitedly realizing it was cheesy, yummy, and had breadcrumbs on it! Since you weren't the most graceful child, it was all over your face. "Oh Princess." He laughed realizing it was everywhere. Because you were at the park and had a cheesy face, a bath was necessary. He prepared it with bubbles and your favorite toys before scooping you in. You played and splashed happily while he washed you and your hair. By the time he was done, he was soaked with water making you erupt in giggles. "Oh you think that's funny Y/N?" He said as he helped you change into warm pajamas. "Yes." He then began tickling your tummy making you giggle even more. You were tired out from the small tickle fight and were ready to start watching Sleeping Beauty with him. "Alright Princess ready for a movie?" You nodded you head tiredly as he began working the TV. "I love you Ni." You said laying your head down in his lap. "I love you to Baby Girl. I'm so sorry for being a meanie today. It'll never happen again. I promise." You smiled tiredly curling up in his lap and falling asleep shortly after.

Liam: The door swung open revealing Liam and Y/T/N. You were napping on the couch unaware of the current events when Niall found them coming in. "Liam, Y/N is taking a nap and I suggest you wake her up gently. She's pretty hurt by what happened earlier. I'm going to keep Y/T/N entertained while you go apologize. Does that sound good?" "Yeah. Thank you so much Niall. I don't want to think about what would've happened if you hadn't come over." "You're welcome but make sure this never happens again." "I promise I won't." "Good. Now I have to take care of this little Munchkin over here ey." He said picking Y/T/N up and placing her on his shoulders before walking out of the room leaving Liam to apologize. He quietly walked over to your small sleeping body smiling as you clutched your teddy bear and blanket while sucking your thumb. Ever so carefully, he picked you up slowly and then began rocking you back in fourth. You opened your eyelids to see him with many tears running down his face. "No cries." You mumbled as you wiped his tears off his saddened face. "Thanks Baby. I'm so sorry for not paying enough attention to you. It'll never happen again." You nuzzled you head into his shoulder wile trying to talk. "It's otay." He smiled before kissing you on your face making you giggle. "I wove you Li." "I love you too Honey. Now let's go get ice cream with Uncle Ni and Y/T/N!"

Zayn: *His POV: My vision was blurred with tears as I anxiously waited for the doctor to come out and tell me if my little sister would be okay. The guilt was unbearable. If I hadn't acted like a Dick, she wouldn't be unconscious in a hospital. Thoughts were racing through my head but that got interrupted as I saw the doctor walk towards me. "Is she ok? What's going on? She's not unconscious anymore right?" I babbled. "Mr. Malik take deep breaths, she's fine. We bandaged her up and managed to stop the bleeding. Do you want to see her?" "YES PLEASE!" I jumped out of my seat and headed to the room where instructed me to. That's when I saw my baby sister all bruised up, bandages all over and that's all it took for me to break down. "Zayn don't cry." She murmured quietly opening her arms for a hug. I engulfed her in a warm hug making sure to be careful of her wires. "I'm so sorry. I've been treating you like shit. This whole family has and you don't deserve it." She intertwined her hands with mine looking up at me with a smile and glossy eyes. 'As long as I have you, everything will be just perfect."

Louis: It took months of therapy sessions to repair your self-esteem. When you were about to commit, you were broken. You thought nothing mattered and you didn't fell important. You wished that you would've gone through with it all. Now, you're so happy that Louis had saved your life because all of these nice things happened afterwards. During therapy, your grades began to go up, you were now finding the right group of people to hang out with, and your twin began respecting you more. All of theses things were amazing!

You smiled as you put your math test with an A+ into a folder getting ready to show him when you got home. You guys have become closer telling each other everything, even if it's irrelevant. You walked out of school, not with your head down, but with it up! "Hey Love how was your day?" "Great what about you." "Good thanks for asking." "I have to show you something Lou." You smile pulling out the test and handing it to him with a smile. You looked up to see his eyes glistening with happiness and admiration. Before you knew it, he pulled you into a comforting hug. "Thank you Love." You felt you shoulder get wet and you were confused. "What for?" "For not giving up."

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