I've just fallen for my brother's best friend

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WTF? I woke up to find myself in the arms of someone, laying asleep next to me. How the hell did that happen? I rolled over to see who it was.

FUCK OFF! It was Logan. A jock. A member of the school's basketball team.

And the guy who happens to be my twin brother's best friend. Brilliant. Great start to the day. Note the sarcasm.

How the hell did I end up here?


OMG! I didn't. Oh god. I did. I kissed him. Well, we kissed each other. At the party I didn't want to go to but went to because Zoe wanted to go.

I looked around the room. It was a typical guy's room. Messy. At least the room wasn't Logan's. Well, the house wasn't his. The party took place at Philip Gretson's house. Another jock. His parents are away and so naturally, he decided to get wasted with a bunch of idiots from school.

And it turns out I was one of them. Fantastic.

I looked at my leather wrist band watch. 1.07am. I could still here some noises coming from downstairs, but they were faint. If I got up and walked down there, they would notice me for sure.

Well, I guess that left the window.

As gently as I could, I unwrapped myself from Logan's arms that were around my waist. I stood up and looked down at him. We were both still fully clothed. Thank god! I turned around, went over to the window and slid it up. I quitely climbed and down the side of the house, which was easy as I had a lot of practice doing this over the years.

I ran all the way home and thanked god again that my dad was asleep as I let myself in.


I had showered, changed into my usual clothes of a t-shirt and skinny jeans, adding a studded belt and a pair of navy blue convereses and made my way downstairs to grab something to eat before I headed out to school.

Again, I was thinking about what happened last night. Me. In Logan's arms. We had kissed. All because I actaully had a conversation with him. That was new.

I mean I know he's my brother's best friend, but we never really talked. I mean I got on well with the guy, but I didn't know stuff about him.

Like the fact that he reads. I didn't even think he knew what a book was, let alone what one looked like. I remember he laughed when I told him that. God, he has a sexy laugh.

Did I just say that? What is wrong with me? I don't think that way about guys. Ever. Least of all jocks. Least of jock's who happen to be Alex's friends.

"Hey, Arizona! I'm talking to you." My dad laughs as he shakes my shoulder gently to wake me from my reverie.

"Sorry. I don't think I'm fully awake yet." I joked, lying through my teeth. I rarely ever lie to my dad. He gets me unlike my mom, who he had the good sense to divorce 3 years ago. But just because I rarely lie to him, doesn't mean I don't on occasion.

"I know the feeling," he says as he takes massive gulps of coffee. I love my dad. I take after him a lot. Both of us are dark haired and blue eyed. Both are clever and funny. Both highly addicted to caffine. My twin brother, Alex on the other hand takes after my mom. Both blonde and green eyed. Both care too much about what people think of them.

I know. Were meant to be twins but we look nothing alike. Doesn't stop us from actually being twins. Unfortunatley.

Only kidding. Kind of.

I do love my brother but sometimes I find it hard to like him. He's the typical jock. Popular and surrounded by over hormonal cheerleaders, ready and willing to lay down their lives for him if only he were to glance at them. But he has his moments. He's a great laugh and he's fiercely of me. And I of him. He can be a jerk at times but I will forever be the first one to defend him. And he'd do the same for me.