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"to think i was the one who helped you with your career, i'm so proud of you!" christina's voice rang on the other side of the phone as i smiled and chuckled.

"i know i know, it's gunna feel like forever untill i start touring again and yes if it wasn't for you pressing that button and turning around for me, i wouldn't be where i am today. it's all thanks to you!" i replied, honestly.

"you and justin bieber are slaying the charts right now." she said as i chuckled "but hey goodluck on your break."

"we seriously need to make a duet asap but honestly thank you so much christina!" i replied grinning before we said our goodbyes. just as i hunged up, i received a new message from my manager, cindy. ever since i won the voice battle, i had to let christina go and find a manager who'll help me pursue my career even more.

i posted a cover of one of christina's songs and it got me to meet cindy, who's managed several big people before me. i unlocked my phone and went into our messages.

Text Message from Cindy: hey girl i'm gunna need you dressed and prepared for a movie premiere you have to go to tommarro.

Text Message to Cindy: alright, who's is it? and i'm bringing nis and austin with me.

Text Message from Cindy: you're not gunna like it.

Text Message to Cindy: cindy you're scaring me.

Text Message from Cindy: it's matthew espinosa's movie premiere.

Text Message to Cindy: cindy.

Text Message to Cindy: you do know he's friends with hayes, right?

Text Message from Cindy: yeah and um he's gunna be there.

Text Message to Cindy: what in the hell.

Text Message to Cindy: i'm not going.

Text Message from Cindy: rendall, you have to!

Text Message from Cindy: the movie producer wants you to be there so you can like be seen with matt and get him more promo with the movie blah blah blah.

Text Message To Cindy: but matthew's more well known then me. he's a bigger celebrity then i am, why does he need more promo?

Text Message from Cindy: rendall, please!

Text Message to Cindy: ugh fine. you owe me for this though.

Text Message from Cindy: got it! thank you. remember tommarro @ 5

i shooked my head and locked my phone as i sighed whilst i walked into mine and nis's house.

"nisrina sbia get down here!"

"i'm here? what."

i sighed not knowing how to tell her what cindy told me because ever since she found out what hayes did that made us break up, she's been mad at him ever since and she probably still is.

"i have to go to a movie premiere tommarro. it's matthew espinosa's movie and hayes is gunna be there." i said all at once. i waited for her reaction to see what she'd do.

"me and austin are going with you then." she said smirking as she put her hand onto her waist as she watched me.

"nisrina, don't—"

"i'm not gunna do anything." she replied, cutting me off as she put her hands up in surrender making me laugh.

"don't." i said, sternly as i pointed at her, chuckling a bit. smirking, i added. "but if you do then tell me what you did."

"you're so petty rendall." nis laughed loudly making me smirk and shrugged my shoulders as i nodded.

the reason why they broke up will be revealed in the next couple of chapter so i'd advised you all to stay tuned! oh, and sorry for the short chapter but the next chapters will be alil longer, lol. anyways, sorry for any errors! x

peace n luv. - jen

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