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Nicole's POV
It's about 7:00 in the morning and I'm so tired. I usually don't get up this early but I had to today, for a good reason. My best friend and I are leaving to go to pressplay Boston !!! And since we live in New York we have to leave pretty early since it is a 3 hour car drive... So since she was picking me up( because I don't have my license yet) I decided to text her about the plan today.
Me: Hey Brooke ! Are you still coming at 8:45 to pick me up for Boston ?!
Brooke: Well duh?!? I'm so excited, omg we're finally going to meet our future husbands
Me: I know!! I'm literally freaking out!
Brooke: same! Well I'm going to get ready, I'll text you when I'm at your house!
Me: Ok, bye!!
I plugged my phone into the charger and decided to take a shower and start to get ready
I was currently in my bathroom curling my hair into loose bouncy curls as I checked the time on my phone. It was 8:20, shit. I rushed on my last few pieces of hair and quickly touched up my makeup. I looked in the mirror at my outfit, high waisted shorts with a floral crop top. Feeling satisfied with my look I ran down stairs and waited for Brooke to come.
"Nicole are you excited?!" My mom asked. " omg I'm so excited you have no idea." I replied. We chatted for a few minutes about me staying safe and to have fun when Brooke texted me saying she was at my house. I quickly hugged my mom and ran out the door. Me and Brooke were on our way to Boston!!!

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