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I was freshly moved in. When I arrived yesterday, the furniture I ordered for the house was delivered so I spent the day setting those up. My apartment was simple, when you walk through the front door the kitchen is to your left and a dining table is to the right. straight ahead there is the living room and a balcony out the back. I put a black leather couch against the right wall, a glass coffee table in the center, and a bookshelf against the left wall with a tv mounted above. Then there is a hall way to the left that had two rooms and a bathroom. The apartment is perfectly sized for me and leaks beauty through the wooden floor boards and exposed brick walls. 

Besides the furniture, the only stuff I had unpacked were the objects on my bookshelf, which consisted of my record player, records, books, and vintage clocks. And I can't forget the golden framed picture of Burke placed on the top. Boxes were scattered and opened all over the floor, some with clothes and some with kitchen ware. Just looking at them made me feel exhausted. 

All I needed was some fresh air, so I stepped out onto my balcony and immediately the sound of the city echoed in the night sky. My neighboring building was close to my own. In fact, the balcony railing had about two feet of space between my neighbors railing. My leveled neighbor had their balcony doors open and I could hear the faint sound of smooth jazz inspired music playing. I sat down leaning my head against the cold metal bars.  

"Are you new?" I jump and looked up to see a handsome boy smiling at me. "Sorry for startling you." I stand up and lean on the railing in front of him. I couldn't help but stare at his features. The boy oddly looked familiar. He had swift blond hair, deep green eyes, a slim face, and was a good six inches taller than me. A black hat with a thick ring was placed gently on his head. 

"You're fine."

"So you are new? I mean I should assume. You have boxes all over." He glanced over my shoulder and examined my apartment. 

"Yes I am. I arrived yesterday." He nods. I look down at my hands and twiddle my thumbs. 

"How old are you?" This boy is full of questions.


"Did you just graduate high school then?"

"Indeed. What about you? Age?"

"Nineteen. I dropped out of high school. Didn't need it. My parents are loaded so what was the point if I wasn't going to need a job in the future anyways?" I could feel his eyes burn into my body, making me self conscious. 

"I'm in the same boat blonde." I sigh. "No college for me. I'm just looking for experience." He smiles at the name.

"New York will definitely give you that." He looks me up and down. "You ever been to India?"

"No." I quirk an eye brow and he gives me a large smile in return that makes my knees go weak.

"Well I'm going next week if it interests you." I almost choke. Was he serious? I didn't even know his name. 

"Just like that huh? Just like that you'll invite a stranger on a trip?"

"Yeah? Why not? You remind me of myself a year ago. You seem like a fine lady. You've got to make crazy decisions in life. You never know what could come out of it. Who knows? Maybe you'll end up marrying me in the future. And our relationship starts here." He winks. "Just an example of course."

I smile at him. "Yeah maybe." I look him in the eyes and give it a thought. "Sure I'll go."


"Yeah why not?" I wink back. I lean further on to the railing until I can look him dead in the eyes. "Like you said, I could be looking at my future spouse." He lets out a chuckle.

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