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"I can't believe we are both leaving." Burke sighed. We stood in my entry way with boxes piled at our feet. "How did High School end so fast? "How did you grow up so fast? My little baby!" He exclaimed fake crying onto my shoulder.

"Oh shut the hell up Burke." I laughed. "We are both onto better things. You at Chicago University and I in New York."

"I know it just pains me to think that I am not going to see my best friend everyday." He admits, picking up another box. I joined him grabbing one myself and following him outside to my car. My precious baby was a black Lincoln Continental and I loved it with all my heart. Especially with how much space it had considering I was going to be able to fit all of my boxes into it.

"I know Burke. But we will visit each other. Your Grandparents live in New York and I can come visit you down there too."

"True, but I still don't understand why you can't just come to Chicago with me." He said as he set the box into my trunk. "I mean you aren't even going to college McKinley. And you can find adventure there with me, your partner in crime." Burke turned to me tapping my nose before grabbing my box and placing it next to the others.

"I've already explained this. New York City has been a dream of mine for years! And I finally have the chance to pursue that dream."

"I know I know. Come on we need to finish." We ran up the steps to my house and in no time finished the job. By the end I had boxes in my trunk and back bench ready to hit the road. I leaned on my car and stared up at my house. I honestly wasn't going to miss it. This house was full of misery and loneliness. I had practically lived alone in it for the past four years of my life. Four years ago when my Mother died, my Father invested all of his time in business to keep himself distracted. That coping strategy had left me alone and abandoned in a mansion with a Nanny to keep me company. He believed, and still does, that if he spoils me everything will be okay. I have all the money I want, that is how I can afford to move to New York and live on my own. My whole point in moving is to get away from this sad town. I want adventure and I am finally getting it.

Burke taps my shoulder and opens his arms wide. I smile and wrap my arms around him. I felt my eyes start to burn. I was going to miss him so much.

"Promise to FaceTime me all the time, okay? And please please drive safe. I still can't believe you are driving from one side of the country to the other."

"I'll be fine, and yes I promise." i let go of him and smile up at him. He frowns and wipes the tear threatening to fall.

"I will see you soon, Mckinley." he kisses my fore head opening the door for me. I step in and start up my car.

"bye, Burkey Baby." I smile. He chuckles and shakes his head.

"Bye, I love you!"

"Love you too." I shout as I drive down my drive way.

Good bye Portland, see you soon New York.

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