Casual Night at the Movies

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**[Y/N] means to insert your name here
**[Brand] means to insert your favorite clothing brand here (Aeropostale, Lulu Lemon, Etc)
**[Mov.] means to insert your favorite movie here
**Written from mixed POV's

Percy was at the final lap. If he could just beat Diddy Kong he would WIN! But then the phone rang. Normally, when he played video games he would've never paused it for a silly phone call. But this time was different. He dropped the console and grabbed at the phone. He waited to catch his breath before saying, "Hey [y/n]."

"Hi Percy!" She exclaimed.

He half smiled at the cheerfulness in her voice.

"We're still watching [Mov] tonight, right?" She asked hopefully.

"Yes! Yes, of course!" Then he mentally cursed himself for being so eager, but [y/n] didn't seem to mind.

"Okay, great. Ana and Leo are coming, too, right?" She said, just for good measure.

"Yep. See you 7:30" he said coolly.

"See ya" she said dreamily.

If boys could melt the way girls did, then that is what Percy did, but his thoughts were rudely interrupted by a knock on his door.

"Was that [y/n]??" His mom Sally said excitedly as she came into his room.

"Yeah...I told you that [y/n], Ana, Leo, and I are going to the movies today."

"It's your first date! Aren't you happy?"

"Ye-wait! No, it's not a date! It's the movies, mom." He said, pretending to turn off his PS3 so as to hide his blushing.

"Okaaay, but be careful, you know I don't like that are-"

"MOM! I'm half god, [y/n] can make a whole battle plan in like 7 seconds, Leo has insane fire powers, Ana can summon a giant skeleton army I can-"

"GIANT SKELETON ARMY?!?!" She said, wide-eyed.

"Oh, gods" he sighed.

The conversation continued on when finally Sally gave up and left Percy's room.

Percy laid in bed and closed his eyes, smiling and hopeful.


He realized he had overslept. 7:28!! Two minutes! He got dressed and rushed out the door. He felt his pockets. Yep, wallet's there.

He arrived at the movies at 7:38 with his messy windswept hair and nervous look.

"There 'e is!" Leo exclaimed. "What took you so long?" He whispered.

"Overslept." Percy replied quietly.

"Dammit, Percy! Your girl doesn't get any of my jokes I can't take this!" He exclaimed.

"She's not 'my girl'.....yet." He said and he took a glance at [y/n] in her beautiful -yet casual- [Brand] shirt. "Don't you just love that store?" He said dreamily.

"What store?" Questioned Leo, quite puzzled.

"[Brand], obviously"

"Heh....I like Hollister more...." Leo said taking a look at Ana's jeans.

Percy snaps his fingers. Leo turns his attention back to him. "Damn, man. They be lookin' so fine." Leo said all flirty-like.

"That's kind of rude" Percy said. He and Leo weren't the best of friends, they mostly talked when it came to [y/n] and Ana, since the girls were best friends and Percy didn't like Leo all that much at times.

Leo shrugged, "You've gotta admit, man-"

"Okay, okay! They're waiting" Percy said, grinning at [y/n].


Seating: Leo, Ana, [y/n], Percy

The male protagonist came on screen and Percy could sense [y/n] fangirling, feeling a pit in his stomach as he watched her. "Hey...[y/n]?" He whispered. He immediately regretted it.


"Ummm...never mind...." He felt like an idiot.

"No, seriously-what?"

"Will you be my girlfriend?" He couldn't believe what he had just said. He felt hot and could tell he was blushing. This was so embarrassing. She was perfect. They'd been friends for years, since he lived across the street from her...and now they had camp halfblood-he had just ruined their friendship and possibly his entire life.

"Wha-um-Yes!" She absolutely glowed. He grinned hugely and realized how much he had been desiring to ask her. They turned back to the screen in unison, happy beyond measure.


Leo had his arm around Ana. GODDAMMIT, LEO!! Percy thought, for he had wanted to do the same thing, but figured it would just be stupid now.

As he and [y/n] walked out of the theatre he took her hand. It seemed to fit perfectly in his and he smiled.

This was going to be a great year.


A/N: Hope you liked it! I know I sure did when I read it the first time... Did my fair share of fangirling too! =P I'd love any comments, votes, fans and shares! I'm sure my friend will too ^_^ (I appreciate any notices about spelling or grammar errors, as I edited this in a rush on my iPod)

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