February 13,  2003
Hannah Abbott née Longbottom looked down at her newborn child, as did Neville.

"What should her name be?" he asked.

"Gwendolyn." answered Hannah.

"Gwendolyn what?"


"Gwendolyn Augusta?" Neville answered in surprise as Hannah smiled up at him.
He smiled in return.

"Gwendolyn Augusta Longbottom, got a nice ring to it doesn't it?"


When the doctors finally let the rest of the family and friends in, Neville's grandmother immediately asked
"Well, what's her name?"

"Gwendolyn Augusta" Neville answered
as his grandmother blushed, obviously surprised by the choice of name.

Ginny then said "Gwendolyn Augusta Longbottom, her initials are G.A.L. then? Proper feminist she is and she's not even old enough to know what the term means" as she rubbed her belly, 19 weeks pregnant, while everyone in the room laughed.

"Maybe she'll have those magic powers you kids have" asked Hannah's mother, who was a muggle.

"Maybe so." answered Hannah, all too happy staring at her beautiful child, who already had a tuft of blonde hair sitting upon her small pale head, as her big stormy blue eyes darted around, fascinated by what was going on.

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