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(for once no cursing)

*possible blaze x aurora close proximity-ness*

I woke up with a strong feeling residing in stomach, a feeling I later familiarized as pain. My vision was blurry for a few seconds, only allowing me to see to tall figures, with large statures standing in front of me. With a few more blinks, my vision came in check and I recognize the two figures as Alpha Blaze and Beta Xavier. Beta adorned a cheeky smile, his pearly whites on display, as Alpha Blaze had a serious forlorn look on his face, with frown wrinkles on display, his arms were crossed as he looked at my stomach. Frowning I looked down at my stomach, gasping, I look up in immediate disgust. My stomach was wrapped in white clothy bandages, blood was seeping out of them, aa they were drenched with the brownish reddish thick liquid. 

I looked around, to find myself in an infirmary type of room, everything was white and shiny, giving me the impression that it was scrubbed clean every hour or so. There was and IV stuck up my arm connected to come liquid. I was laying on one of the cots, the kind you would find in a human hospital. I was in my pink bra only and could feel my leggings were still on, as the blanket was over them.

My thoughts drifted to what happened, as I recalled being punched brutally near my stomach by Blaze.

My thoughts drifted to what happened, as I recalled being punched brutally near my stomach by Blaze

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I looked back up at the two men, who still both retained the same facial features. Behind them, a nurse came bustling in, checking on the IV and my body temperature. Alpha Blaze shot her a scary glare, and she scurried out, clipboard pressed against chest, her cleavage popping out, sending a flirtatious look at Blaze, before finally exiting. As she did it, a weird feeling made its way through my chest as I let out a snarl, my eyes momentarily changing color. Alpha Blaze snapped his eyes from her cleavage to my eyes as soon as I let out a growl. I calmed my self down, and started to talk.

"You know you really shouldn't kill people for stupid remarks." I note, looking down at my stomach and back up to him.

"He disrespected me!" He yelled out his canines elongating.

"You don't get it, he didn't disrespect you, he disrespected us. You're not the only important in this world. Wake up and realize everything is not about you!" I reprimand, shocked that the reason her attempted to punch the man was because he had disrespected him.

Shaking my head, I didn't notice him stalk up to me, shaking in anger, fire alight in his eyes. Suddenly, his large hand grabbed my neck, applying a lot of pressure, and cutting of most of my air. I wheezed and thrashed about for a bit before he let go. 

"I'm not the only "special" one. Turns out you are too." he snarled.

I confused by this,"What do you mean?"

Instead of saying anything, he set his hands on my bandages, playing with edge of it (which I later realized that he wasn't playing with it but he was pulling it up from the adhesive), when finally he ripped the bloody bandage off. I yelled softly in pain of the adhesive being ripped forcefully off my body, I looked down and expected to see my mutilated stomach, but was met with nothing but my clean toned stomach.

 No blood.

No wound.

Just skin.

I gasped at the tingles that were sent through me as Alpha Blaze ran his warm fingers again my toned stomach. His fingers created a golden warmth in my stomach, before he lifted them off.

"B-but how is it healed?" I stuttered

"See Aurora, that's the million dollar question. How did it heal? Even with your werewolf healing, a punch like mine, delivered should take a few weeks to heal as a human would die from it. So the big question is, why did it take you one night?" he speculated, sounding somewhat intelligent.

I pondered over it, debating whether my abnormal powers had something to do with it, or I was just lucky. Even if it had something to do with the former, I couldn't disclose the that information to him. It would be to risky for me and the pack. I simply shrugged and looked back up at him.

"Ah, well I think you know the answer to why it healed, and I really want you to tell me."he pressed further on, adding an "or else" tone to the end of the sentence.

"I-D-K" I lazily said, nestling back into my cot, I closed my, but was met with my bra being pulled at, as I was forcefully yanked off the bed. I looked up to see Alpha Blaze furiously looking ahead, not bothering to look at the person he was so carelessly dragging. He brushed past the beta, who shot me a worried smile, I tried to smile pack, but a sharp tug out of the door stopped him from seeing it. 

It seemed forever that he dragged me, until he stopped, and roughly shoved me up again the wall, raising me a bit so my feet weren't on the ground.

He leaned in close, his forearm across my neck.

"Aurora...we both damn know you are aware of the reason of your miraculous healing, and I want to tell me."

"You won't be able to get it out of me." I shrugged.

"I have ways." he lowly whispered,

"Would you care to enlighten me about these ways?" I snarkily asked, my eyes challenging him.

"Yes, I would."

And with that, he leaned in close so his warm breath hit me, and lightly placed his lips on my neck.

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