Tragedy strikes twice.

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Emily's POV -

I'd lost count on how many times I woke in the night screaming and breaking out in cold sweats. Every dream always ended with Jake standing in front of me, his hand clutching a gun before he raised it and pulled the trigger.

My eyes flung open and I struggled to breathe as I glanced at my surroundings, feeling out of place. The door flung open and I instantly buried myself back against the wall, pulling the covers over me.


I heard footsteps and the covers were pulled down, exposing my shaking form. I lay with my hands over my head protectively, whimpering and quivering in the dark room. I felt strong arms wrap around me and pull me close towards a warm chest.

"Shh, it's okay." He murmured down my ear.

"Jake, I'm so scared." I cried out, my throat dry. I felt his body stiffen up and his hands move away from me abruptly.

"Go to sleep Em."

My head rested against the pillow and my eyes grew heavy once again with sleep.

"I keep having nightmares, will you lie with me?" I asked sleepily and I heard him sigh deeply before the mattress dipped and he lay next to me, wrapping me up in his arms.

"Sleep." He whispered in my ear and I finally closed my eyes, drifting off into a much more relaxed sleep.

Tobias POV -

I felt wrong lying here with her in my arms.

She had woken up countless times in the night screaming out for someone to help her. She was in no fit state to know what she was doing or saying so when she mistook me for Jake, I should have brushed it off.

So why was it painful knowing it was only Jake who could comfort her?

She eventually fell into a deep sleep once she had my arms around her and I loosened them slowly, pulling back away from her.

I couldn't be near her, it wasn't right.

I slowly stood off my bed and walked towards the bedroom door, yawning from the lack of sleep I was getting tonight. I glanced at her one more time sleeping peacefully before I closed the door over softly.

"Tobias, you need to sleep." Ivory said quietly walking up to me and placing her hand on my arm. Her eyes were red and raw from crying and I pulled her into a tight bear hug, feeling her cuddle into my chest. I pressed a gentle kiss onto the top of her head and she sniffled before pulling back -

"Is Jake going to be okay?" She asked, her voice trembling. I nodded confidently at her -

"Of course he is, he's Jake."

She gave me a weak smile and I let go of her letting her go back to her room. I headed for Jake's room and pushed the door back checking on him. He was sleeping soundly, his chest rising and falling steadily. The doctor had left a couple of hours ago leaving behind strong painkillers for when Jake woke up.

I made my way to his wardrobe, sliding it open and grabbing a spare blanket and pillow. Pulling my t-shirt over my head, I stepped out of my jeans leaving them on the floor before throwing down the pillow and blanket.

I lay on the floor, pulling the blanket over me before closing my eyes and finally letting my body relax, my mind whirling constantly with a thousand and one thoughts. The one thing I was certain on is that Amil would pay.

It was time for him to go down.


I jolted awake hearing an ear piercing scream come from the other room. Immediately I was up on my feet stumbling a little before I flung open Jake's door and ran to my room. She was crawled into the far end of my bed in the corner, tears streaming down her face.

"Emily, it's okay!" I shouted, holding my hand out towards her.

"I need to leave!"

"What do you mean?" I asked, my eyebrows scrunched up in confusion.

"I need to leave, I need to get away from Jake." she cried out, jumping off the bed and scrambling around wildly.

"This isn't even my room." Emily whimpered as she came to grips with her surroundings. She threw a hand over her mouth before she ran past me.

My hand shot out and I grabbed her waist, pulling her close to me. She struggled against me, tears rolling down her face.

"Emily! Emily, calm down!" I pleaded, wrapping my arms around her small frame. She finally gave in and sobbed into my chest, her body vibrating through her tears. I pulled her back gently, searching her lost big brown eyes.

She was scared, terrified even.

"I need to leave." She whispered shakily, eyes wide with fear. I shook my head at her words,  looking down at her sadly.

"You can't leave." I whispered, stroking her hair with my hand. She frowned at me and tugged away once again, almost escaping this time. My hand shot out once more and I pulled her back to my chest, wrapping my hands in her hair before tilting her head up and crashing my lips down on hers.

My mind whirled with emotions and I sighed against her lips, loving how soft and gentle they felt against mine. The feeling was suddenly ripped away from me as she pulled back, her eyes wide with shock.

She lifted a hand to her lips before her eyes finally digested what had happened. My own eyes widened and I took a step back, running a hand over my face.

"Shit." I mumbled.

Before I could tell her how much of a mistake that was, her other hand flew out and landed hard on my cheek. The sting was instant and I took a step back from her, my jaw clenched.

"How dare you!" She choked out, tears streaming down her face. She shook her head at me in disgust before turning on her heel and running out of the room.

I stood alone, my cheek stinging from the force of her slap.

I guess I deserved that...

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