Demon Board

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o a few days ago I decided to play the Online Ouija Board. At first I really did not think much would happen. So being a teen, I decided to not take it seriously. That was the BIGGEST mistake I ever made.

At first the spirit seemed very friendly so I got annoyed and asked to talk to a demon. It moved the pointer to "yes" and it left. So I asked if there was a demon talking to me. It moved the pointer to "yes". Again I would like to remind you I did not take it seriously. So I probably did the dumbest thing ever in my life. I asked it to prove it was real. It moved the pointer to "yes". The next thing I knew was the pointer started to shake and move around. I shut the game off thinking it was a glitch in the game. That night nothing happened so I laughed it off thinking it was just a game.

The next day I started having a feeling like someone was watching me. I thought it was because I was staying up too late at night. Anytime I would turn around to see if it was my mom, dad, or younger sister, nobody was there. At that point I started getting worried. That night when I went to bed I did everything I would normally do, I played with my sister with her toys, and when she fell asleep I watched a movie. As I was watching my movie I felt like someone was by me, so I turned around and whispered "what" but no one was there. I got really scared and decided to go to sleep. When I was trying to sleep I felt like whatever it was left. I was able to sleep and felt fine.

A few days passed and I still felt like someone was there so I tried to ignore it. That did not help at all it made things worse. I guess it was mad at me because one night when I was trying to sleep I felt a light weight on top of me. I thought it was my cat but when I tried to open my eyes I could not open them. I was so scared. I tried to move and yell only to find out I could not move or yell. I laid there for what felt like forever. I could feel him watching me. When I was able to moved I laid on my bed in terror.

After a few days I got used to having him around. He is quiet but does not want to be ignored. When I feel him near I smile so he knows I am not ignoring him. Once in awhile he will make his presence a little stronger.

A few days later my friend invited me to her birthday party. I was happy and said I would be there. In a week I went. We were both happy to see each other. I told my other friend at the party I used a ouija board. There was one problem all my friends were against the ouija board. My friends' mom told me how I could get rid of what I released. I thought about it at the party. I was going to try it until that night.

When I got home I stayed up for an extra half-hour before I had to go to bed. That night when everyone in my house was sleeping I started hearing tapping noises on the walls. I passed it off thinking it was one of my cats. When they started to get louder I got out of bed only to find all my cats sleeping. I walked in my hallway trying to find what was causing the noise. There was nothing that could cause the noise. I became scared and ran back to my room. When I was in my room I felt a cold breeze go past me. All my windows were shut and my air conditioner was off. I stood in my room scared. When I went to my bed it felt like someone was watching my every move. When I was able to sleep it still felt like someone was there.

The next few days passed and I would still feel him there. He would make his presence stronger and I would fight it. He seemed to enjoy pushing his presence at me. Every so often he started pushing harder and I would whisper "stop" when I said that he would stop. For example if I searched "how to get rid of a demon" he would push his presence at me and I would whisper "stop".

This next thing that happened I was shocked by it. One night my mom had a bad headache so my dad took my younger sister to the store. He offered for me to come but I said "no" because I was talking to a friend on a laptop. They left and my mom went to take a shower. When she was in the shower I went to get something to snack on. I went to the kitchen and got something. When I was pouring my snack my guinea pig started to squeal like he was in pain, so I ran into the other room to check on him. Soon as I got there he was fine. When I turned around I heard someone in a nasty voice say, "stay still". I stood there for what felt like forever but was probably no more than a few minutes before I ran to my room.

The next few days nothing happened other than he would push his presence at me. I learned to live with that. It was not really bothering me that much. I started to get use to having him around. I thought I was fine but I was wrong.

A few days later I started to see a black blob. Ever since I saw the black blob I have been able to see some spirits at night. I once saw a pure white cat walk across my floor. At first I thought it was mine but mine all have markings. For example: today I was in my room and I saw a white figure that looked like a person walk toward my closet door.

Am I going crazy or something? I have read other stories where people have claimed to see ghosts. If I am starting to see ghosts, what do I do? If anyone can see or sense ghosts please comment to this story and help. I am not really scared of ghosts. It just seems strange to be able to see them. I really don't know what to do.

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