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Ella 's pov

We shared those fake vows last week. Our lips pronounced lovely cheesy words but our hearts spelled them with spite and venom. We hate each other yet we are living on the same piece of earth. Luckily, for once my arrogant devilish husband used his brain and bought a mansion with a garden house. He offered or to be correct ordered me to live in the latter. And I was relived not to be living next to him, sharing the same roof or worse the same bed.

We are pure opposites. And getting to know him for a week assured me that that stupid bastard of a Greek god cares about nothing other than looks, girls, money and comfort. We didn't talk since the second day of our doomed wedding: he ordered me to prepare his meals each day and I ignored him. So he came to my small garden house swearing like a sailor and threatened me to tell my parents that I was behaving childishly and being an ice princess by not allowing him to have his husbandly rights. He was a cold blooded jerk and I knew for sure that he will do so and our parents will fall into his trap and will call me stupid and won't give up until they see him happy or me pregnant.

I am in his mansion now preparing his breakfast; coffee and chocolate waffles. I had to wake up at five am to do my mourning routine which consists of a shower, blow drying my hair and lastly eating breakfast. I needed to be in his house at exactly six am I had to organize the place if there is any mess and at exactly 6:50 I started to make his breakfast. I wanted to leave before his awakening but a faint yawn reached my ears when I was waiting for his cup of coffee to fill.

As soon as I turned around I saw this beautiful woman dressed in a one of my husband's shirts. She was looking at me with a confused face. Was she anticipating a violent reaction? She stood at the huge kitchen island and started to study me but when I chuckled the tension was all gone. What! it is funny to see your husband's mistress waiting for your tantrum.

"Good morning" I said politely and turned back to the coffee machine

"Good morning" she replied with a confused tone

"I will make more waffles for you. I didn't know that he had company." I continued in a friendly tone

"So you are his wife?" she questioned and I just nodded while preparing a new waffle mix.

"Why aren't you mad? Why aren't you jealous or throwing me out of the house? He anticipated something like that and told me to watch out from "an angry outburst about right and wrong"." She continued with a struck face.

"He is just being a kid and you can have him. I don't care." I replied honestly with risen shoulders

"But he is handsome, powerful, rich, and charismatic and the list goes on. So why don't you care?" she asked with bewilderment

"Because I never saw him as anything more than a jerk" I explained easily

"And I never saw you as anything but a fat spiteful girl" his husky voice interrupted our conversation.

"See" I said to the girl who stood now next to my husband and her facial expressions mirrored her feelings of loss and discomfort.

"Good morning babe" Xander said ignoring me and focusing on the girl next to him

"Morning" she replied shortly still studying Xander and I's interaction

"Do you like a redo of last night?" he continued with lust filling his green orbs

"Yes" the girl nodded but didn't blush.

I was the one who blushed hearing such intimate conversation. Me being my naïve self can't be comfortable witnessing a handsome man making out with another woman. So I just completed their breakfast as fast as possible without looking their way and rushed as lightening away from them.

I had to go back to my small garden house to prepare myself and go to my kindergarten. I opened a kindergarten when I was nineteen and now "Bright Angels" is the most known nursery school in the whole state. I loved to teach kids and watch them grow so I was not just a director but a teacher too. I wished to have kids of my own one day but now being bound to that stupid husband of mine forever I knew for sure that I will be childless.

As I got dressed and went out to the garage to get my car I was once again met by the muscular figure of my husband. He met my eyes and then his eyes started to travel down my body study it and my outfit. I was dressed simply; a white shirt, a black skirt that reached my knees and beige belted shawl collar Coat. Yet he dressed elegantly a signature gray suit that hugged his body perfectly. He saw me studying his look and a mischievous smile.

"You are drooling now and earlier you were blushing! Are you falling for me Mrs. King" he said playfully teasing

"You were studying me so I thought I should return the favor." I said ignoring his growing smirk.

"Oh! And why did you angrily turned red and ran away, when you saw Sofia making out with me?" he questioned walking to me and standing right in front of me. He stood closer than needed and I wanted to push him away.

"I am not a whore like you that's why! And I actually think that Sophia can find better than you." I replied disagreeing looking at him with disgust.

His smirk now for some reason turned dangerous and I wanted to take a step away but I couldn't show my fear. This man was a player a disgusting yet handsome one and he needed to know the truth. He was a manwhore and any girl can do better.

Xander' s hand snatched mine forcefully and with a tight grip he drew me closer to him. His green orbs were now flaring with anger yet I couldn't look away...his perfume invaded my nose and it clearly stated that this devil of a man was rich.

"Call me a whore again and I will ..." he threatened

"You will what? Hit me? You won't dare! But if you do that at least will free me from this joke of a wedding." I dared him more knowing that my dad won't risk me being hurt.

To that Xander's hurtful tight grip loosened. I stood in my place watching him walk away to one of his cars and I for the first time feared someone more than life. But I knew for sure that he won't hurt me because my dad will rip his head off.

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