Dating the Son of Zeus *20*

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“PERSEUS!!! LEAVE THE DOUGH ALONE!!” Penelope screeched.

“I’m just checking to see if it’s raised any,” he said.

“It hadn’t 30 seconds ago when you checked and it won’t ever if you keep messing with it,” Sophia snapped from across the kitchen.  I let a chuckle out.

“Leonidas, Hercules, have you guys cleaned up that flour yet?” Sophia asked. She and Penelope were busy digging a baking sheet out from under the stove and getting the other ingredients out. Leonidas, Perseus and I had been in charge of making the dough, which we had done. We had also managed to create the biggest mess I had ever seen. Flour was absolutely everywhere.

“Almost,” Leonidas said as he used a wet rag to clean off the counters. I was scooping the excess flour into a bowl to throw away. Just as I had finished scraping it all off I turned to go towards the trash, but Perseus chose that exact moment to run over to check on the dough, again.

“Hercules look out!” Sophia yelled, but it was too late. Perseus slammed into me, the bowl of flour fell out of my hands and all over both of us. We both slipped on the slick tile floor, and fell. Everything was absolutely silent for a second before everyone started to laugh.

“Oh my goodness!” Sophia said as I sat up pushing Perseus away from me.

“Nice one guys,” Leonidas said. Even Penelope was laughing hysterically; it was actually nice to see.

Sophia walked over to me and knelt down. Shaking my head from side to side flour floated around me. Sophia let out another laugh. “Here,” she said as she used a wet cloth to wipe the flour from my face. I stopped moving and looked up at her as she cleaned me up. “You look absolutely adorable,” she said quietly. A smile spread across my face.

“Really?” I asked.

“Really,” she answered as she helped me to my feet. I pulled her close, both of us ignoring the fact that I was still mostly covered in flour, and gave her a light kiss. The moment was so nice that it was almost sad that we were interrupted by a squeal. Quickly looking around I turned to see to that Penelope had gone to help Perseus to his feet, but Perseus had other ideas in mind. He had pulled Penelope down to the flour covered floor with him.

“PERSEUS!! YOU ARE SUCH A JERK!” she yelled, looking down at herself. Leonidas was doubled over the counter with tears in his eyes. Perseus reached over and pulled Penelope close into a hug, smiling widely.

“Oh come on Pen, don’t be so uptight. Have some fun,” Perseus said as he scooped a handful of flour and tossed it at her face. Everything went deathly silent. Penelope’s face was coated with flour, and she sat there completely stiff. Even Leonidas stopped laughing, waiting to see what she would do.

“Uh oh,” I muttered.

Penelope slowly reached up and wiped the flour from her face. “Alright, I’ll have some fun.” With that she stood up and grabbed the can of tomato sauce that was supposed to go on the table and dumped it all over Perseus. My mouth hung open, as did Sophia’s. Perseus looked like he’d just been slapped, and the thick red liquid ran down his face. Leonidas lost it, he started laughing again and this time I joined him.

“The look on your face was priceless!” Leonidas said pointing at Perseus who was still sitting on the floor.

“Is that so?” he asked. With that Perseus reached over and grabbed Leonidas’ foot, and in one swift motion yanked him down onto the messy floor. Sitting up Leonidas looked at his red hands and then at the rest of us. “Now your face is priceless,” Perseus said laughing.

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