Chapter 1: Irritating a Chinese Lady from the restaurant kitchen staff

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Chapter 1: Irritating a Chinese Lady from the restaurant kitchen staff 

This book is for all the PG prank calls which didn’t fit into the chapters of How Boys Speak. Thanks for all the support. We’ll be doing new pranks on here as well!

I phone to prank a girl called Gina, but a Chinese woman answers.


*Rinnnng Rinnng*

Reece: Hope Gina picks up.

Some Chinese woman answers.

Chinese Woman: Herro.

Reece: Sup dawg. I was wondering if I could speak to Gina.

Chinese Woman: I ask wu calling?

Reece: This is Johnson.

Chinese Woman: Peece hold, sir!

Reece: Word.

*In the background this woman screams like a motherfudger for Gina. She’s like GINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH GINAAAAAAAAAH! Where dis girl?* (HAHA)

Chinese Woman: Shee service a customer. May I take message? (Vote up for Gina who’s “servicing her customer?)

Reece: Tell her that she left her vaginal cream at my house.

Chinese Woman: Du du du... Wat?

Reece: Never mind homedawg. I’ll call back.

Chinese Woman: Okai!

I really and decide to call back.

*Ring Ring*

 I had this urge to prank that Chinese lady but that was not my mission! So I waited for like 30 minutes

Chinese Woman: Herro?

Reece: Yo man, homes. Is Gina here?

Chinese Woman: Oh yu call before, rhye? (Rhye is “right” if you didn’t realize, I’m trying to type in her accent)

Reece: Yeah that was me.

Chinese Woman: Peece hold! (LOL, she sounds so cute)

Reece: HURRY UP! (The words in capitals, I SHOUT in a high pitched voice just to annoy her)

Chinese Woman: She till beezy! I take message?

I start to fool around with this lady since Gina was busy.

Reece: A LA LA LA LA LA! Wat?! (I just randomly scream this out a loud throughout the phone call)

Chinese Woman: I’m sowi, Sir?

Reece: I want to make an order! HURRY UP!

Chinese Woman: Okai, okai! What wood you like, Sir?

Reece: I want two orders of BOOBayla steak. (I made up that word)

Chinese: Sowi sir? Peece repeat again?

Reece: A LA LA LA LA LA! WAT? I want two orders of Boobayla steak.

Chinese Woman: We do not serve dat ere!

Reece: What? Everybody loves a juicy piece of Boobayla! Have you ever had it?

Chinese Woman: No sir.

Reece: Say it!

Chinese Woman: Say wat?

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