Part Twenty Two

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The promised update, delayed. I'm sticking a little humour in, to attempt and fail at livening up your day. And I, uh, I lost my shoe.


It was stupid. Honest-to-God, as-sure-as-Ernie-and-Bert-being-gay dumb. But it was the plan, and Walt wasn't going to argue when he was fresh out of options. The binding rope reassured him slightly about their chances of surviving, but it was starting to itch. Walt shook the thought off. He couldn't let that bother him if there were bigger things at stake, namely this little dude with an intimidating sword called Nico.

"Awesome plan," Nico summed up Walt's thoughts with enthusiasm. The sort of enthusiasm that made you feel like the stars were blotted out on your way down to the gutter.

Jordan clasped his hands and gave him a cold look. "You got any better ideas, wise man?"

"Well, actually-"

"I was talking to the jailer here," Jordan interrupted, looking up at Walt.

Walt frowned. "Lay off him."

Jordan shrugged, as Nico cast his profile sideways. Walt heard a muffled creaking, at first supposing it was his imagination, but upon its repeat, he turned back to the two.

"You hear that?" he whispered.

Nico frowned, but Jordan seemed to be someplace else, staring directly ahead of him with some horror.

"Hey. Hey, Jordy." Walt waved a hand in front of him, focusing on the pavement before them. There was nothing in sight. "Focus, man."

"Jordy?" Walt heard an unpleasantly familiar voice from above. "Every time I hear that name, I think of that douchey French singer."

Walt looked up. There he was, standing on the roof with his hands clasped behind his neck, not much more than a recognizable silhouette visible of his features.

"But he wasn't nearly as douchey as this Jordy," Kai went on, proceeding to jump off the roof, as his two friends had done earlier that evening. Walt could hear Nico drawing his sword, and Jordan backing away ever so slightly.

"You see, death boy," Kai said matter-of-factly upon landing nimbly on the pavement, "this Jordy is the ultimate douchebag. And his plans, well, they usually screw up about the time he's about to get himself killed."


'Til next time. Adios, amigos. Yup. With all the douchebag mentions, I'm getting in to the mood.

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