Chapter One: Mr. Murphy

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It was seven-thirty in the morning when I got to school on the first day. I wore my black dress as senior tradition. I'd normally come at eight but the night before I got an email requesting that I come earlier to speak with the new Writer's Club teacher. I was the president of the club so these meetings were actually pretty important.

I didn't know what to expect really. I've never met this guy. Cillian Murphy was his name, I saw from the email address. Don't even ask me how to pronounce that. That's something I guess I'll have to figure out later.

I got out of the car and walked into MrCray High School on the first day of my last year. It was bittersweet, thinking about it. I'd come so far. The walk to his classroom felt far too. It was only one of the first halls. I turned onto it then looked for his room number. 108. At the very end of the hall. I caught my breath, wishing I could take my black heels off and rub my feet before going in but I didn't have time.

I knocked then walked in, looking about the room. No one was there. It puzzles me because it was seven thirty-four now. Surely he would have been waiting for me to show up. Or so I thought. I looked around at the way the room was set up. There were pieces of writing put up on the wall along with book cover posters. There also was a picture of Maya Angelou in a big black frame above the clean well organized desk. This man was obviously really passionate about literature. I admired it. I loved it.

I soon heard footsteps close behind me. Turning to see who the owner was, I was greeted by a pair of sky blue eyes. They began to squint as the owner smiled at me. "You must be Arianna."

He was actually kind of cute! Not your typical male high school teacher. He was young and had not one strand of gray in his hair. His hair was long. Not too long but long enough to kind of cover his ears. It was a chocolate color with some auburn strands.

I nodded, politely smiling back. "Yes, I am. And you're Mr. Murphy?"

He switched the stack of papers he was holding to his left hand to shake my hand with his right. "I am." He gave my hand a firm shake. "Nice to meet you, love." His voice.. Somewhat a lower tenor with vibrating bass. His accent.. Irish but you could tell that he'd been away from home for a while.

"Same to you." I replied, keeping the smile on my face.

He slowly let go then set the papers on his desk. "So you're this year's president, yes?" I nodded as he continued to talk. "Great. Why don't you let me hear one of your pieces? You know, so I know what I'm working with here."

I frowned a bit and pulled out my phone, searching through my notes. "Do you want a full poem or-"

"Mm no. Maybe just one of your best lines." He said.

"Okay.." I pulled up an older one. "This is called 11:35 because that's the time that I wrote it. This is the ending."

I cleared my throat and read

"One day I shall arise when you least expect it.
You'll drop every jar of hearts that you've collected
And it will be so hard for you to accept it.

It's now 11:48
And I'm still training for that day
Where you'll no longer be able to fly
Across my unholy mind.
Another mind, you won't be able to find.
11:49.. "

Once I finished, I looked up at him. He was staring at me, engaged in what I had to say. "How was that?" I asked.

"Beautiful," he complemented softly. "I'd like to hear the rest soon though. But we have to get something done here, right?" He chuckled. Damn. "We need to have certain prompts ready for every meeting so that way we don't have to figure it out that week. Here, we'll make a calendar." He quickly searched through his drawers.

"I'm sorry but, Mr. Murphy, I actually like to wait the week of to think of those types of things." I mentioned. "Sometimes it's best to do it that way, you know?"

He raised a brow and nodded. "Okay then." He sat. "Well something else we should do.. I know how before, you all kinda just showed up whenever. Mrs. G told me. But I think we should definitely have the members sign up instead of just having people show up at any time of the year."

I protested again. "No, see.. We always leave it open for everyone to come. A lot of people come first few meetings then the number goes down. By October we normally know the number that we're dealing with. Last year we had about 10 people come regularly. Sometimes they'd bring a friend."

"Then how is it a club if you don't have official members?" He folded his arms and gave me a soft frown.

"Don't really. We just have normal people that come." I shrugged and smiled.

That's how things always were. He was not going to come in and change that.

He nodded and gave it a thought. "Alright. So what should next week's prompt be? I'm hoping you have one thought out."

"I do. It will be personification."


"Yep. We want something light for the people who aren't exactly sure about the club." I shrugged.

"Sounds fair." He sighed. "Well.. I will see you next Friday. Nice meeting you." He shook my hand once again.

I shook it back and nodded. "Thank you. You as well."

I turned on my heel and walked out.

I had a weird feeling about that guy. He'll take some getting used to.

As soon as I got out to the hallway, I was greeted by my best friend Mina. She walked alongside me and gave me a casual "hello."

Mina was always so chill. I could be at an eight and she would stay at a three. She was a really soft spoken girl but she wasn't shy.

"What's up, chicka?" I bumped her arm with my elbow.

"Nothing. Just irritated with you." She rolled her eyes. "Why weren't you at the  officer's meeting yesterday? You didn't get to meet the new drama teacher. He is so hot and you weren't there to enjoy the view with me. What the hell?"

I raised a brow at her and laughed at her. "I told you, I had to work. I'll see him later."

"You have to see him now! He's letting us sit in the drama room until the bell rings like when Ms. Schmidt was here." She said.

"But I wanna go see if-"

"Noo, stop thinking about your stupid boyfriend for twenty minutes and come with me. If he wants to come find you, he'll know where you are." She took my hand and pulled me to the drama room which was nearly across campus.

This should be freaking interesting.

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