Chapter 12

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The Queen? A weird, strangled noise erupted form the back of Arielle's throat. What could the Queen want to possibly talk about with her? Her anxiety, which had miraculously just calmed down, once again sky rocketed to new heights. Her heart was pounding so hard she could feel her chest moving, sweat immediately formed on her brow, and her lungs constricted as if there was a giant snake crushing her. Would she ever get a chance to relax? After everything's that happened, Arielle was seriously starting to doubt it.

The dark vampire, sensing Arielle's oncoming panic attack and/or heart attack, surprisingly placed a comforting hand on Arielle's shoulder. If Arielle hadn't had been gawking at the welcoming-if-not-slightly-confusing gesture and felt the surprising heat radiating off the vampire, she would have never known Selene was even touching her.

"The Queen has no malicious intent. She merely stated that she wanted to talk with you. Ask you questions. The Queen won't attack you now, if she were to, it'd be in front of an audience."

"That honestly did nothing to calm me down!" Arielle moaned woefully, throwing her arms across her eyes.

Arielle glared through the cracks of her arms once she heard the vampire's amused chuckles. Selene only grinned at her before leading her behind the Council's table and to the wall right behind the Queen's chair. Selene ran her finger along the wall before finding an invisible button, she pushed in and the wall swung open revealing a long corridor.

The hallway was absolutely breathtaking. It was softly illuminated with dozens of candles . The walls were covered in intricate, dazzling, painted flowers and vines. The dark wooden floors glistened and flickered with the candles. Arielle fought down the childish urge to take off her shoes and slide around the hallway in her socks.

Selene lead Arielle down the hall to a golden door. Selene lightly knocked, as if she was afraid of waking the Queen up from a nap or something.

"Enter," her ancient voice muffled by the door.

Selene stepped in first and motioned for Arielle to follow. The hallway was nothing compared to the room Arielle was now standing in. It was completely blue with gold accents. The bed had a beautiful, blue silk canopy and golden frames. The walls were blue as well with gold designs crawling up the wall to a gold ceiling. To Arielle's right was a mirror, so clear that Arielle couldn't tell if it was actually there. The room had book shelves, antique chairs, tables, and love seats who all were surprise surprise blue and gold. Those two colors seemed to be the Queen's favorite.

Selene snaked her fingers around Arielle's wrist have gave her a hard tug, causing her to fall to her knees into a kneeling position. Arielle hissed quietly as she felt the skin of her knees peel off.

'Great, now I have carpet burn,' she thought agitated.

Arielle lightly whacked Selene's knee for manhandling her but she didn't bite the vampire's head off like she would have anyone else. If anything she was as thankful as she was annoyed at the vampire's actions. Arielle had  forgotten she was in the presence of royalty. The Queen didn't degrade Arielle but smiled gently down at the pair.

"Selene, how many times have I told you to drop the formalities when we're alone?" The Queen chided playfully.

Selene smiled genuinely at the Queen and stood up (Arielle following in suit). Arielle tried to ignore the petty sting of jealousy that the Queen had gotten a real smile from the normally cold vampire beside her. Arielle shook her head to rid herself of the green-eyed monster. No, she hasn't gotten a true smile yet, but she has gotten some expressive grins and laughs. That meant something right?

"Every time, Your Highness."

The Queen rolled her eyes and Arielle found herself giggling at the old woman's actions towards Selene. They seemed to know each other on personal level rather than just professionally. Arielle briefly wondered what their background was but was pulled from her thoughts when the Queen addressed her directly.

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