Telling Them We're Going Home and Muffins Part 68

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Jenny's POV...

I have to say that I really do miss the familiar faces that belong to home.

It's been lovely being back here in America to visit, but my heart is home back in Australia and I wanted to go home.

The reason for my coming here was to get away from everything that had happened over the past couple of years with Daniel and myself. And being here with him coming after me hasn't fixed all the problems we have, not by a long shot. But we're working on them and that's all we can do.

I can not just walk away, or even throw away all that we have or what we have gone throguh, good and the bad. I have learned that you just can't throw things away when they break. Even if it was a mistake or two. You fixed them. But just like a vase that gets dropped to the floor, even if you have every single shard, it will never be the same.

But I am willing to work on them together with Daniel. But this was it. The last chance he gets. I will not be giving him a second, or third chance. The three strikes and you are out saying applies to us now. So, Daniel better pick his game up if he wants any chance of us surviving this latest fiasco he caused.

Anyway, I try not to think of that too much at the moment because I miss the open spaces of a red covered land with the blue sky above us as we watched the clouds drifting by. That's what I miss, with an occasional kangaroo bouncing by  too... and camel.

That time when I had to walk my babies to safety with Dad had changed something inside me. It made me more aware of the land and what was in it. It drew me closer to it and I don't feel complete if I can't feel that red dusty soil beneath my feet everyday. I need to be back home and Daniel knows it too.

So this morning, I'm going over to see my parents and let them know that we'll be leaving by the end of the week. We meant to have done this last night, but Daniel just couldn't control himself when he kept thinking of his parents and how Nan doused them with a bucket of water. He would burst out in laughter at any given moment, but we did say that the kids could go over to see their grandparents if they wanted to.

Which they did, of course. All of us were also trying to ignore the big elephant whenever Micah spoke up about something. I can't describe how disappointed we feel over him and Jilly at the moment. Or how my parents handled everything that day with her. It certainly opened my eyes to how Jilly might very well had been treated by her own blood over the years.

It was sad. But we made sure that all the kids had the makings of a good relationship with their grandparents who lived here. They were still, family.

So it left Daniel and myself to enjoy the quiet evening, despite his occasional outbursts of laughter thrown into the mix. I just smiled at him when that happened.

But this morning I wasn't going to put it off. I had already called to let them know we were coming over, so now all I have to do is motivate Daniel and get him ready. Which he was having a hard time for some reason this morning being able to do that.

"Mum has some muffins ready for morning tea." I yelled up the stairs to Daniel not realising that others would have heard me too.

But that made Daniel move as I heard him move about the bedroom before hearing the bathroom door shut. I imagine that I will have enough time to have one cuppa before he's down here ready to go over to mum and dad's for a muffin break. 

He always did love his muffins, my Daniel does. Like Micah does too, as I saw him walking down the stairs in the reflection of the mirror that was hung in the hall way as he was pulling a shirt over his head sliding it down his muscular chest which had expanded somewhat since being here and doing so much of the work.

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