Chapter 32

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Previously in Dark and Dangerous Love:

“Evelyn, I didn’t mean the things that I said, I promise! I really do care about you, I never used you!” Harry tried to explain, but Evelyn wasn’t listening.

“I hate you, I hate all of you…!” Evelyn repeated over and over again, like a chant. There were only so many time you can break someone’s heart, and after all the emotional traumas, being played like a toy, an object… The once strong Blackburn felt herself breaking… “I hate you Harry.”


Harry stared out at the indigo night sky through the small, framed windows at the end of Evelyn's hallway. The spine chilling silence echoed along the large corridors. The only audible sound was the soft breathing of the countless guards standing against the white walls.

Each of them were tall and well built; some of the finest fighters of the Vampire Nation. Their presence so powerful and haunting that they made the 20 foot high ceiling looked small. Their aura un-disregarded and undiscounted. It was ironic how they were all there to protect a human girl like Evelyn. Zayn had been paranoid ever since Ethan escaped that the young Redfern had his mind set on Evelyn and that he was determined to take her from him.

‘This is the kind of protectiveness and possessiveness that’s making her fear you, Zayn.’ Harry thought. ‘To love someone you need to let them breath and relax. Your constant fear that she will leave you is actually the very reason that she wants to leave you; why can’t you see that?’

Harry didn’t know if it was just him, or if the Palace was extra quiet that night. But it was probably the later option since more than three quarter of the palace guards were out, scouting for any signs of Ethan Redfern.

‘Unbelievable.’ Harry thought. ‘More than a thousand of the best fighters and trackers in the palace were searching for one human, it’s been more than 48 hours now and still no signs of him.’ He shook his head in disbelief. ‘He has to have some sort of powerful ally helping him… there is no way that a simple human could escape from the dungeons let hide from Jonah; the most paranoid and observant person Harry had ever come across over the centuries.’

He let out a stressful sigh and shook his head violently to clear away everything involving Ethan Redfern. Right at that very moment, Ethan wasn’t Harry’s main concern. His main concern was Evelyn.

Hesitantly, he pressed his fingers against the wall that he was leaning on, and the very same wall that separated Evelyn's bedroom from the corridor which he stood. He tried his best to push pass the invisible barrier of magic and force his presence into the room so that he could hear what Zayn was saying to her.

But he couldn’t.

The protective barrier was something that Zayn put up himself. Being one of the First Ones came with its perks. Being able to use magic and spells that only witches and warlocks should was one of them. Sometimes, when necessary Zayn was able to dig into his inner energy and do things that even the most powerful of the witches and warlocks weren’t able to do.

That was one of the things that made him so scary and ruling so easy. Because nobody truly knew what he was capable of. His powers seem to be endless, which always caused fear and doubt upon anyone who dares to plot against him.

Harry pressed his lips together in frustration.

Evelyn had locked herself in her room ever since that morning when he inconsiderably revealed that Zayn had ordered him to befriend her to make her stay in the Palace a bit more pleasant. Thought they weren’t exactly true; of course those were the orders of the King, and it was Harry’s duty to follow Zayn’s orders whether he likes it or not. But that wasn’t the only reason that he was spending time and being kind to Evelyn.

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