Part 03

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It was the worst date in the history of mankind! RK fumed as he paced in his room. He had never been to a date this disastrous. He didn't know what he was thinking or not thinking for that matter. All he did during the date was smile nervously. When the hell did he start getting nervous? He was uncomfortable too! He, Rishabh Kundra was uncomfortable and nervous in front of a mere chit. He closes his eyes in horror as he thought of how, all they both did was nervously smile at each other, waiting for the other to talk. Finally, both had enough and didn't even stay back to have dessert. Why was he nervous? Was it because it was Madhu? He had to admit she unnerved him. No girl has affected him in the way Madhu has, and the date with her was a disaster. Groaning he falls on the bed.

Madhubala was not sure whether she was happy or disappointed. Happy that she went on a date with RK or disappointed, that it was not as romantic or exciting as she had expected. They didn't talk. All he said was "what will you eat?" and all she said was "Chicken wanton soup and mixed fried rice." Then they had sat and smiled at each other nervously for 45 minutes! She wondered what RK will do now. Will he wash his hands off her? She couldn't believe she had screwed up her chance with RK. She hears her cell ringing and she checks her phone to find RK calling. She quickly answers, "Hello?" "Hey." RK says. "Hey." Madhubala replies. "So..." "So..." Madhubala repeats and then closes her eyes embarrassed. "Stop repeating after me, Madhu." "Sorry." "Ermmm" "erm... ""Are you making fun of me?" RK asks frowning. "No. So tell me..." she quickly replies. "That was one hell of a date.. huh?" RK asks laughing nervously. "Haan." Madhu says for lack of other words. "I called you to..." "To?" she asks when he hesitated. "to see if you want to give it another shot?" "Sure." Madhubala replies as she did a quick jig. "Great. How about a movie this time?" where they won't have to talk both of them thought. "Cool. Let me know when and where." Madhubala replies. "How about now?" he asks her. "Now?" she asks shocked. "Yeah. Come down. I am waiting." Madhubala hurries to the window and looks out to find his car parked right outside her gate. "ARE YOU CRAZY? If my mother sees you there then I am dead!" "Then come fast." "I can't come now." "Why not?" he asks disappointed. "Because unlike you, I am not the one running my house and I have people to answer to." "Do you want me to come in and ask your mother?" "NO!" "Ouch my ears. Please don't shout again." "Sorry." Madhubala mutters. "Please go. I'll come for the movie another day." "You told me you'll come. I want you to come now." He replies adamant. "No." "Show me some lawwwveee, Madhu." "That is sick!" Madhubala says irritated making him chuckle. "Come, Madhu." "I know why you are doing this!" Madhubala says irritated. "Doing what and why?" he asks confused. "The date was not how you had thought it would be. So it has affected your ego and you can't rest until you take me out on a proper date, and make it up to me." Madhubala tells him in a challenging tone. "I am not going to agree to that. But I would appreciate it if you would act as if it is not that easy to read me the next time." Madhubala grins hearing that. "Come, the movie starts in half an hour." "You are not going to give up?" "Not a chance." "Fine. Go straight and take a left and immediately park your car there. I'll see what I can do." "Great."

RK was waiting in his car for Madhu when he sees something falling in front of his car. He turns to look at the direction it came from and sees a movement. "No... that can't be... " he mutters as he turns on the head light and his eyes go wide seeing Madhu's head on the wall. Seeing the light on her she glares at him and waves at him to turn off the light. He quickly turns it off. Then he watches in shock as she climbed on the wall and then jumped down in front of his car. Quickly grabbing what looked like her sandals from the floor she dashes to the car and gets in. RK turns to look at her in wide eyed shock while she wore her heels and she asks irritated "What?" "Did you just jump a wall?" "Obviously." "What happened to your gate?" "Did you really think that my mother was going to send me on a movie date with you at this time of the night?" she sweetly asks him. "Oh!" RK says shocked. He had been living on his own for a long time and he had forgotten what it was like to live with one's parent. "Sorry." he cheekily grins not at all guilty. "I can't believe you are doing this and I'm following you like this." Madhubala mutters. "I thought you would say all romantic lines like i would follow you to the end of the world." He teases her. "Hey, you found your tongue." Madhubala says acting excited. "I forgot my tongue at home today morning." RK tells her seriously, "Luckily it was there on my table itself when I got home." he adds making her chuckle.

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