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Pen Your Pride

Liam Imagine Dirty - He's shy Part 4

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Wow this Imagine actually got a part 4!!! Are you excited? Well I am:D I know some of you wanted a part 4, so I tried to make one, but this WILL be the last one. I know I shouldn't make the imagines so long, but there'll be more from the other boys too! Well anyway, here it goes;

Throughout the whole night you had been sleeping in Liam's arms, you slept in only one position, his arms tightly around you like he didn't want to lose you. You had never felt this way in a guy's arms before, how his warmth gave you tingles and his breath on your neck gave you shivers.

You couldn't really believe you actually told him how you felt, and your words were true weren't they? Yes. Well, you'd never really been in love before.. Just screwing around.. This was the first time you enjoyed being with a guy, and the first time you let him actually stay until the morning.

Every time you moved a little, Liam's arms tightened around you. Liam would groan and snuggle into you, he was surely not letting you go. The whole thing gave you butterflies in your tummy, or.. the whole fuckin' zoo for that matter. You tried to turn around, facing the sleeping beauty behind you, but the strong arm of his wouldn't let you. ''Liam?'' you whispered, but you got no answer, he was deep in his sleep and it made you giggle a little.

''Y/N... mmm..'' Liam murmured in his sleep, you cheeks turned red.. Was he dreaming about you? ''Liam?'' you said a little louder this time, but he still didn't wake up. Wow.

An idea popped in your head as you wiggled one of your hands free, letting your fingertips trace down to his crotch. You quickly found out you both had fallen asleep naked, and Liam's not so little buddy was.. Free.

You held your hands around his member and stroked it gently. You heard Liam started groaning and whispering your name. As you squeezed his member lightly, Liam's eyes fluttered open "w-wha.."

"Was it a good dream?" you whispered and Liam swallowed a lump in his troath. "Uhm.. Wha..wha what?" He stuttered as he removed his arms from you, "you were saying my name" you said and chuckled. Liam's cheeks turned red as he nodded, "uh.. Y-yeah".

"Yeah what?"

"Yeah, it w-was a good D-dream" he said and looked away, even though you'd had sex he was still a bit shy and stuttering.. Probably because you caught him dreaming about you!

You lifted up the duvet and gazed underneath it as you smirked "I can see that" you whispered and looked at him. Liam's hands quickly hid his clearly big erection. "Uhm.. Heh" he murmured as he tried hiding his blushing face in a pillow.

"Soo.. What happened in your dream?" you asked as you slowly moved your hand towards his crotch under the duvet without him knowing. "Uh.. Well I.. Uh.. A lot happened" he said, still covering his member. "Care to tell?" you asked excitedly as you let your hand move closer, but not touching him just yet.

"I.. Well.. I.."

Oh god it's enough.

You quickly squeezed his hands that were covering his hard on. Liam gasped and even though his cheeks couldn't get any redder.. They did. "Come on, let go baby" you whispered and bit your lower lip. Liam looked at you, his oh so beautiful brown eyes locked with yours. He removed his hands and his big member jumped out of its hiding place.

"Hey there boy" you said and chuckled as you grabbed his shaft, stroking it gently before you started pumping him fast, surprising him a little. Liam had already closed his eyes, sucking on his lip. "Did I do this in your dream?" you asked and Liam quickly nodded, still having his eyes shut.

While pumping his long shaft you leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips, his eyes fluttered open as he kissed you back. "Do you like this?" you whispered in his ear before you started playing with his earlobe with your teeth. Liam nodded "uh-huh"

"Then.. What about this?" you asked, but before Liam got to answer you had already disappeared under the duvet. "Y/N?"

"Liiiiam" you whispered seductively before you grabbed his shaft and kissed the tip, making Liam flinch. You massaged his balls as you licked the lenght of his long shaft, Liam shivered at your touch. He was clenching his fists around the sheets as you took him in your mouth. "Y/N" he whispered your name as he moaned, you just smiled around his erection. You loved how you were the first to make Liam feel this way, and you wanted to be the only one for.. a long time. actually.

You bobbed your head up and down, s*cking his member. Liam's eyes and mouth were closed, he was biting his lip, trying to hold back his moans and groans. You started sucking him faster, Liam gasped and arched his crotch so his dick touched the back of your throat making you gag a little. New sides of Liam showed up every now and then, you started to doubt the thought of him not being a guy who liked being dominant. In fact, Liam seemed to be one who liked to be in charge.. His only problem is that he's still shy around you.

''Y/N!'' he yelled as he suddenly came into your mouth, you swallowed it all and wiped your lips with the back of your hand. Liam lifted the duvet and looked down at you ''you.. you're crazy'' he murmured as he was breathing heavily. ''I'm not crazy, it's called a blowjob Li'' you said and crawled out of the duvet and laid down on top of him. ''I know.. bu-but you're good at it'' he said and looked away, his cheeks AGAIN turned red.

Suddenly you heard your phone buzz from the nightstand, you grabbed it and looked at the screen, a text from Y/F/N!

Hey babe! Did the thing with that.. uh.. nerd go okay? I know you.. you two fucked right? UPDATE ME!!!!! - Y/F/N xxx

You frowned at the text, she doesn't even know Liam's name, and he's deffo not a nerd just because he likes reading books. ''What's wrong?'' Liam asked curiously, your heart almost stopped.. WHAT SHOULD YOU SAY?!

''Uh no, it's just.. my friend said we have a new test coming up'' you lied and Liam nodded ''It'll be fine, you'll do great'' he said and you felt like aw'ing at him. ''I guess so'' you whispered as you started tapping the screen for an answer;

Hey! His name is Liam... And yeah we did:) But he's not like the others, he's.. special. I kinda like this guy.... - Y/N xx

You sent the message and put your phone on silent before you placed it on the nightstand again. She wouldn't mind waiting, you could talk to her at school the next morning or something. When you looked back at Liam he was smiling at you, and this time it was actually YOUR time to blush. Liam chuckled as he cupped your cheeks in his hands ''you.. you're cute when you do that'' he whispered and kissed your nose. Wow.

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