12. Smile Academy Cherubim

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    September 4th
    Agent R. Harris strengthens her relationship with Susan Mitchell and meets her friends. She and Maria Sanchez plan to join the “Cherubim” of Smile Academy.

    Ch. 12: Smile Academy Cherubim
    Date: September 4th

Before I know it I'm curled up on a deep violet mini-couch that I just installed in our dorm, being introduced to Susan's friends.

     We're all centered in the middle of the dorm; we sit separated from each other by groups. Susan is opposite me on an aqua blue beanbag chair, her two friends on either side of her. Maria Sanchez sits on my right and smacks her teeth together as she chews on a piece of Bubblegum Paradise.

     I stare at the three girls before me, examining them the way Susan examined me. The girl on Susan's left is a brunette with almost flawless tan skin. Her shape is slender, like Susan's, and her pink, glossy lips are smoothed into a smile. She looks tall.

     The other girl in the room is a blonde with light eyes, a slightly enlarged forehead, and cute freckles over her nose. She wears a black dress that hugs her body and her expression tells me that she doesn't smile often but she's trying her best.

      I watch everyone in the room and take in their names carefully when Susan introduces them. But really it's a waste of time; I already know who they all are. They belong to a group within Smile named the Cherubim. The Cherubim are the most popular girls of the school that all wish to become Victoria's Secret Angels in the near future.

      And realizing that, I now understand the actual reason Mom made that a part of my fake identity, rather than her just wanting to see me on a magazine cover in ladies' underwear.

      “This is Leah,” Susan says, gesturing to the brunette in the room. “She's only a part-time Cherub. Most of the time she's out hanging with other friends. But they all know who she is and how essential she is to our group, and how screwed they would be if they messed with her. That's why it doesn't cross their minds that she could be the one spreading all the information that are meant to be secrets.”

      I cock my head to the side and scrutinize Leah. She narrows her eyes at me. I smirk then, lifting a hand that was toying with a purple throw-pillow, and wave at her.

      Susan turns to the blonde. “This is Natalia.” I move my gaze to the girl she's informing me about and I'm met with a cold stare that doesn't faze me in the slightest.

      “She's our informant. Anything that goes on inside these walls is something that she stores somewhere deep inside her brain for whenever we need it later. And, of course, she helps instigate positive or negative reactions to the rest of Smile Academy.”

      I blink at the girl. Her description reminds me of myself and what I do.

      I turn back to Susan. “So really you three are the girls who secretly run everything inside Smile and manage to get away whenever an adult almost catches you messing with the school,” I say.

       The three girls look at each other, and Susan turns back seconds later with a grin on her face. “Look at you,” she drawls. “Gorgeous, confident, and smart too.”

      “Clearly you have named yourself after the Victoria's Secret Angels,” I continue. “And your clique is obviously exclusive and manipulative and way too power hungry for its own good."

      Susan's smile doesn't falter. Instead it widens, displaying the pride she finds in herself and her friends. She doesn't find offense in my words because she's already guessed the type of person I am. Natalia and Leah, on the other hand, take my words with a little more seriousness than intended.

      But my next words are the ones that show the true meaning of my previous words.

      Curling up the left side of my mouth, I gesture to Maria and myself. “Got room for two more?” I ask.

       And the last thing I see that makes me like Susan's personality even more is her cunning smile in response.

                    *          *          *

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