Part 4 "Quatro"

Izeiah's pov

This is heaven. Oh god. The chocolates are so.... it's literally everywhere. This is so mouth- watering.


"Should have brought my money. My luck sure is.... I don't know."

We entered a candy store aka heaven. Unfortunately, this isn't my store where I could take one bucket of candies and no one would even care. This is so heart breaking.

"Ivan." I called Ivan because he's my only hope.

"Don't even--"


"-- think about it. I've learnt not to trust you with chocolates."

"I'm pretty trustworthy."

"The opposite of trustworthy, you mean."

Kung ayaw niya akong pautangan, I'll always have other ways to get what I want. Inilabas ko ang kunai ko at pinakita kay Ivan. Ngumiti ako sakanya at tumango.

"My way." Ihahagis ko na sana ang kunai ko ng may naramdaman akong nakatutok na baril saakin. Liningon ko ito pero meron namang sumabog di kalayuan sa store nito. Tumingin ako sa paligid at nakita ko ang isang tao na nagmamadaling lumabas sa store. Hahabulin ko na sana ng pinigilan ako ni Ivan.

"Don't chase after trouble was what the Headmaster said."

"Complete your mission was what they told me, so let go"

"Do it yourself then"

"I can't. You know that"

He smiled. I'm so furious right now.

"Unless you broke off you will not go anywhere."

"Ivan--- I want to finish it as soon as possible. Let go, you moron."

Minutes passed by and he finally said..

"They are gone now."

I angrily took back my hands and looked at him like he's the worst wait he is the worst

"Ivan, I swear if I don't finish my mission you will answer to that. And I'm not joking."

I glanced back at the building where the sniper was but I know she'd escaped along with their friend. The only thing I've gathered is the bomber was wearing a ring, a very weird ring with I think, a skull. Never heard of those being a trend right now but the 'Skull' ring will do.

"Ivan I will really kill you." I whispered while looking for good chocolates to eat.

Walang chocolate ang vanilla flavor pwera sa heart shaped chocolates. Wala akong pera at hindi ko alam kung paano bumalik sa dorm para makakuha ako ng pera. Which brings me to borrowing money from Ivan.

"Ivan" I called him, I turned around and saw that no one here looks like Ivan anymore.

I pouted. Wala na ang aking pagasa. At nawalan nadin ng battery ang cellphone ko! Ano ba iyan! Minamalas talaga ako o baka naman anak ako ng kamalasan?

"Riley is my only remaining hope and that is if I could find her." In the end I exited the place because of lack of money and without my phone, Butler Chan can't be contacted so I can ask for help.

I have to get to the heart of the maze this instant.


I was panting really hard. I looked around and figured out I just made my situation even worse. What did I do in the past to deserve something like this?

I couldn't even lift up my head because of hopelessness.

2 Hours Later

Umuulan na

Naghanaphanap ako ng pwedeng masisilungan ng biglang may bato na lumipad sa salamin ko dahilan na mahulog ito. Luck wasn't playing with me afterall.

While on my journey, I walked under the rain, got myself even more lost, a rock attacked me for unknown reasons and now I am trapped. All for courners are blocked by bushes. I was walking and then boom, a freaking bush appeared out of nowhere.

I looked around me to look for someone whom I can put the blame on but realized after I was alone.

"I'm so responsible for this" sabi ko.

Sinipa ko ito at nagvibrate ito. This is a machine. A machine that is not highly recomended to touched when it's wet.

"I need to find a way" sabi ko ng may biglang pumatak na tubig sa glasses ko.

Now I need to do it since there is no other solution. My kunai and daggers are in my luggage. It's pouring rain, it means I can do it since no one is here.

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