That was my one rule, my only rule.

I joined the gang because I hated people with power inflicting pain on the poor and innocent. That and the fact the money was unbelievable.
To this day, I'm still living off the amount I'd earned and I knew how much Jake would have collected during his time there. He joined shortly after me and built his way up, now becoming Amil's right hand man.

In other words, his bitch.

I left the gang because I despised the way Amil started to abuse his power. He wouldn't hesitate to put several bullets through someone's head within a matter of seconds just because they happened to be a 'witness'.

That one night that I finally made my decision to leave, haunted me to this very day.

It was October 2012 and we had just raided the home of our rivals gang leader. We found thousands of pounds in cash, a stash of drugs and firearms we could sell on. His wife and two kids were both tied up in the basement and I was the one watching over them.

"We'll let you go once were done," I mumbled at the two children who were crying and shaking in fear. I sighed and tucked my gun away out of their sight. The youngest boy pleaded at me with big eyes, sounds muffled by the tape on his mouth. I avoided his gaze yet I could feel his large pleading eyes stare at me. I was thankful that night when Amil came in to relieve me -

"Shoot them," he said bluntly before turning around to walk out. My eyes widened in shock at his command -

"Amil, no! Since when do we shoot innocent people, especially children?" I hissed and Amil froze with his back to me before he turned slowly, his eyes burning with fire. He stormed towards me, slamming me backwards into furniture until I was on the floor. He loomed over me, grabbing my gun from the floor -

"NO!" I yelled, watching as he pointed the gun at the woman, shooting her. Her head flew back and her two children screamed, thrashing around in fear from watching their mother die in front of their eyes. I charged for Amil but he turned round and punched me back to the floor before turning and shooting the older child. I barely had a second to look up before another gunshot filled the basement and the little boy with the large pleading eyes slumped over in his chair. My face turned and I gagged, flinching as Amil threw my gun back down onto the floor next to me.

"Next time, do as I fucking say. No questions asked," he spat, storming out up the basement stairs. Lying there with three dead innocent bodies was the moment I eventually decided to leave the gang, for good.

I remembered fighting with myself over the way I would tell him. We were family, connected by our tattoo's and leaving the gang just wasn't possible. If only I knew then the torture I would go through to finally walk free. It was the best and scariest decision I'd ever make in my whole life, yet still to this day I was haunted by those three gunshots.

Those innocent pleading eyes...

I shut my eyes tightly, breathing deeply before pushing our back door open and heading inside the kitchen. I looked around and was relieved to see everything was dark, no-one was around. It would be kind of hard to explain what I was doing at 1am with an unconscious Emily in my arms.

The whole way here she hadn't moved once, showed no signs of waking up. I headed for the stairs and debating on where to put her.

In her own bed, Jake's bed or my bed?

I needed to keep an eye on her. I didn't know how hurt she was and from the fact she was still unconscious wasn't a good sign. Her knees were bleeding and I knew she'd need watching over. I sighed heavily before pushing the door open to my room and heading towards my bed.

The last time Jake's girlfriend was in this bed was the biggest mistake of my life. Now I was trying to solve that mistake by putting his current girlfriend in the same bed...

God, it's so messed up.

I placed her down gently and pulled the covers over her top half before opening my bedside drawer and getting out everything I needed. I started working on her knees, clearing up the blood and bandaging them. She must have fell on a shard of glass as the cut she had on her leg wasn't just a small graze.

I finally wrapped the last bandage before securing it with tape and my fingers lingered on her soft skin before I hastily removed them, my heart clenching tightly.

She's not yours Tobias.

I reminded myself of the same thing every single day. The question I didn't know the answer to was, would she would still be Jake's once she woke up?

I knew everyone had a limit.

And I knew tonight, Jake had finally pushed past Emily's.

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