Pushing Limit's.

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I ran as fast as my legs could physically carry me. I ran until my lungs ached and my chest heaved with the bile threatening to rise in the back of my throat. It wasn't the running that was making me feel sick, it was Emily's constant scream running through my ears.

"It's the police, stop running!"

I heard him panting from the effort of chasing me. From the sound of his voice, he was only a few feet behind me. So, I sped up, my legs burning from the effort.

I turned into Whitfield Lane, an area I knew well. A car screeched to a halt as I ran in front of it, almost skimming my legs. I didn't dare stop or turn around and headed for the brick wall at the end of the road, throwing myself at it and hauling myself up with my hands. I grunted as I threw myself over the other side into someone's garden. Sirens blared all around me in the dark night and I gritted my teeth, knowing it would be a challenge to get away this time.

I continued jumping over garden walls until I fell into the one I wanted -

"Reached my destination," I mumbled, glancing over my shoulder and hearing the police officer a few gardens back. I sprinted to the back door of the house and knocked three times. Crucial moments passed and it opened, a hand shot out, gripping my chest before pulling me in.

I grunted as I was thrown against his wall and stood to my feet, dusting off the mud and leaves from my clothing. He locked the door, turning all the lights off and peered into his garden.

"He didn't see me," I said quietly, noticing how his posture was alert, his shoulders squared up defensively.

"Shut the fuck up!" he spat back at me over his shoulder and I grimaced, knowing the ordeal that lay ahead of me. I messed up. I never mess up.

Tobias' POV -

"Run Jake," I said quietly, turning my back against the wall to give him the space he needed. I could hear the police inside, getting closer and closer. Jake looked torn, eyes full of pain and I looked away, his pained expression too much to bear.

The back door to the club smashed open and my eyes widened in terror as I saw the police charge towards Jake. He'd already started running, a few feet in front of the officer that was now chasing him.

"Are you okay?" Another officer glanced at me and I nodded before looking down at Emily.

"Does she need an ambulance?" The officer asked again, glancing at Emily.

"Yeah," I nodded, knowing it would look suspicious if I declined the offer of an ambulance considering she was passed out cold in my arms. The officer nodded and turned her back to us before asking for an ambulance in her radio. I took the chance to turn and sprint off into the night myself, the officer barely noticing due to the commotion.

Once I was a few streets away, I stopped running and slowed down to a walk. I glanced down at her laying in my arms and my chest tightened. I'd left her when she needed someone the most.

I couldn't think about the guilt right now, I had promised to get her back safely. I have to get her away from the police before they start asking questions and realise Emily is Jake's girlfriend and I, his cousin.

My head reeled with all the problems the gang's club raid could bring. I shook my head, my teeth clenching tightly at how stupid Jake had been. But then again, Amil did have a way of brainwashing everyone who was in the gang.

I was all too familiar with it...

Years ago, me and Amil were like brothers. Every gang fight, every raid, every drug deal, I was by his side. We made an amazing team and soon enough, the gang was rising in power throughout the city. That was when I started to notice the change in him. We made a pact when I first started that no innocent civilians would be hurt or killed.

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