Chapter 5

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New...Champion, that sounds right. But....New crush?

Aj's Pov

"Woo!"Was that one heck of a match, i had just beat Charlotte and Roman Reigns along with Becksters of course. It may have been just a house show, but these always get me hyped. I noticed Becksters was being quiet, but maybe she was out of breath just from the match?

I shrugged and patted her back "Becksters are you okay?" she nodded still being silent, i was starting to get really concerned about her being quiet, i needed to find out somehow so...i kissed her forehead. She then locked her eyes with mine, "Why did you do that Allen?" I knew that something was definitely wrong, she never has used my real name and usually when someone does something is up.

We were walking but i stopped her and i, she then looked up towards me "Look Rebecca, something is bothering you, and as your friend i want to know whats bothering you?" She took a deep breathe before speaking up "Allen someone."I jumped up and down in excitement, as she chuckled softly. "Who is it?!?" she shook her head " I can't tell...Plus i don't know if i am ready for love."

Becky's Pov

I moved past Aj, starting to walk back to my locker room. When i looked back,  surprisingly  Aj wasn't following me. If only he knew who, i sighed and walked into my locker room. I bumped into someones chest, looking up i saw Roman Reigns...The world championship. He offered me his hand, as i took it. I rubbed my behind looking around at everything except Roman as i soon stopped still not looking into his eyes as i spoke "Roman...What are you doing in my locker room?"He chuckled and patted my back as he walked out. Now beyond confused i closed the door from behind him.

Looking around my locker room i closed my eyes, taking into my surroundings then i had smelled something strangely peculiar and new. I followed the smell as i noticed a basket, it had a note and a bunch of gifts. I read the note as it said:

"Dear, Becky

I know this may be surprising to you, but me the **** has a crush on you. Yes i know very surprising, but i want you to know that you can trust me and i will protect you. I may not seem like the most trustworthy of a person but like i said...You can trust me.

From, ****"

I gasped in shock yet excitement, my crush had a crush on me this was great.

Aj's Pov

I watched Roman walk past me bumping my shoulder, i couldn't hold in a scoff. Ever since the Royal Rumble the day that i debuted, Roman has had a chip on his shoulder for me. Well at Payback , i will steal that chip and eat it. I know why say something like that? It's because i am talking to myself so it doesn't matter. Speaking of Payback, I will be the new champion.New...Champion, that sounds right. But....New crush?


Whoa...So both Aj and Becky have a crush, who do you think they may be? Why do you think Roman was even in Becky's Locker Room? Thank you all for the votes,commenting, and plain just reading it means a lot. I also hope you all look forward to updates for this book in the future.

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