Chapter 2 - edited

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"Who is he?"

Sera jumped as she realized her mother was standing behind her.

"Mom! You scared me."

"Who is he?" She repeated.

"His name is Aidan. He is my upperclassman."

"Aidan? From the Glaive family?"

"Yes, Mom."

"Oh... I don't know if you know him."

"He is my friend." Sera said with a hope in her heart that her mother would praise her for being able to make friend with another royal family.

But Lady Ignacia ignored it. "You are coming home so late tonight. Did you dance again?"

The thirty-five years old lady frowned to her only child. She never liked if Sera have a dance lesson. As a lady, she understood that know how to dance is important, especially for a noble woman like her. But she didn't like it when her daughter took dance lesson more often than magic lesson.

Sera nodded. "I'm sorry for coming home late."

"How was your exam today?"

"I think I can get a perfect score from Ciro-sensei."

"To think is not enough. You must have a perfect score. I will set more appointment with professor Kashi..."

"But Mom, I don't want to have more private lesson. Holiday is coming and I need to prepare for my performance soon."

"Enough! What I'm doing is for your greater sake. I'm sure your father will also agree with me. I have attended you to Pandora, the best magic school in the entire kingdom. So you must not disappoint our family name. Otherwise, I will make sure you will never dance again."

As her mother left, Sera quickly running to her room. She couldn't hold her tears again. She slammed the door as she came in and cried like a baby. She missed her old mom. The one who always kissed and hugged her when she came home, the one who loved her.

She didn't know what exactly made her mother changed so drastically like this.

'Is it because mom cannot have a baby anymore? Or is it because I'm not a boy?'


When the sun was about to rise, Sera was already at school. She didn't want to meet her mother this morning. Not with this gloomy eyes.

She was wandering around the park when Ciro-sensei called her.

"Seraphine? It's unusual to see you at school earlier like this."

She tried to give her homeroom teacher a smile but ended up making a weird smirk.

'I must be look like a retarded girl now.' She thought.

Ciro-sensei tilted his head. "What happen, Sera? Have you cried?"

Sera looked away, avoiding the curious gaze from him. "It's nothing big."

"Okay. If you want to talk about it, you know where you can find me."

Sera only nodded.

"By the way, congratulations for being the top student again."

Sera raised her head and looked at Ciro-sensei. Her eyes sparkled slightly. "Are all my grades perfect?"

"I'm afraid not. You only got 97% on magic defense."

"Then it's not enough." She mumbled.

"What's not enough?"

"Nothing. Thank you Sensei for telling me my grades."

Sera ran away, leaving Ciro-sensei who was still confused with what happened recently.



"What have I told to you? I said you must have got perfect scores on all of your subject."

"I'm sorry." Sera whispered, as her hand was touching her cheek. It hurt to get a slap from your own mother.

"From now on you shall not learn to dance again."

Her tears burst out. "But Mom, I have..."

"Silence! This is my final decision. I will tell your dance teacher that you quit for forever. Now go to your room. I am not allowing you to go outside until your awakening day."


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