Chapter- seventeen

I stood in front of him, gawking. My brain was processing too slow. I didn't know about what I should be more shock, the fact that Vitale was kissing me or that the tattooed guy, whom I met they day Vitale kidnapped me, was standing near the door, watching us.

Vitale wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him. In instinct, I closed my eyes and placed my hands on him and pulled him closer by grabbing a fistful of his shirt.

Damn his lips, his lips were as soft as I thought. He nibbled on my lower lip and I let out a moan.

That sound was like an awakening. I realized what I was doing and pushed him away from me. I swallowed before touching my lips.

The Hell?!

That was my first kiss! Okay, maybe my second kiss but the first real one.

Jimmy-the-next-door-neighbour kissed me for twenty bucks when I was nine. It was only a peck like he was disgusted at the thought of kissing anyone. But I was so damn happy that he did but when I saw a boy giving him twenty bucks in front of my two eyes, my small heart broke.

Needless to say, my crush on him- for four years, ended. And he ended up having a black eye for the first time....... from a girl.

A chuckle snapped me out of my thoughts, "Io Vedo, you are enjoying yourself, Vitale?" The tattooed guy asked. His eyes were cold and hard but his expression was challenging as if he was asking Vitale to make a move. I saw Vitale clenching and unclenching his jaw before he turned around to face the intruder.

"Vincenzo," Vitale greeted curtly, his voice rough and cold just like the tattooed guy in front of us.

It would not take a genius to guess that they both are not in good terms.  I mentally patted myself when I guessed that Vincenzo had something to do with all the men with guns. I gave myself a mental note to stay away from Vincenzo.

They say first impression is the best impression and to be honest, when I first saw Vincezo, he scared the life out of me. And, I secretly hope that he would not recognize me.

I shivered when I remembered the day- the day when I number into him.

"Yes, Vitale?" He asked in a mocking tone before his eyes swiftly move to mine. He eyed me for sometime and then he narrowed his eyes. I felt my eyes widened with fear and felt my stomach tightened. Fear overpowered my all senses because there was no way in hell I would have continued looking into his eyes if my brain was functioning properly.

I swallowed the lump in my throat when I saw his eyes flashing with curiosity

What if.... What if he recognizes me?

No, it was not possible. I do not look the same. I looked different. My hair was black and my eyes were brown.

My eyes.... Damn. At that I realized that I removed my contact lenses when I slept last night.

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