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A/N it's Christmas and you two have been dating for about three years now, he's 29 and you're 28 years old.
I woke up excitedly. I jumped up and ran downstairs screaming," IT'S CHRISTMASSSSS!!!!!!" Like a child. I grabbed a few gifts and ripped them open." Slow down a little love." Gerald said walking downstairs sleepily. I gave him the last-minute-gifts. He smiled and rubbed his eye," Thanks (Y/N)." He slowly unwrapped the present and opened the box to find a black leather jacket." Oh thanks love! I've been wanting a new one for three months now!" I smiled and he kissed my jawline. I opened one of my gifts and it revealed to be a book." Awwe G! Thanks." I opened the book seeing pictures. One was our first date. One was our first kiss. One was our first make out session, why did he take a picture of that? One was our first....let's just say we had lots of fun that night in my bed 😉😂. Why in the hell did he take a picture of us having sex?! Omfg Gerald." I love it thank you!" I kissed his cheek and kept looking. I saw one of a ring, he was on one knee and just looking at the camera. I tilted my head sideways " What was this one Gerald?" I looked up to see him on one knee blushing." We've been together for three years now, and I really want to start a family. I love you to death and I wouldn't want anyone else, but you. Would you make me the happiest guy in the world, and marry me?" I cried of joy and put a hand over my mouth," YES YES YES YES. A billion times yes!" He chuckled as I jumped into his arms making him fall back. I kissed his face all over, his jawline, nose, forehead, cheeks, and lips." I love you." He said smiling." I love to way way way more!" I kissed his lips again.

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