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"Cmon, it's time we go out." Harry tugs on my feet as I tap away at my phone texting Mitt about last night.

"One second," I mutter to him not paying attention. He takes the him of my towel and throws it across the room!

"Harry!" I shriek covering myself up with the towel.

"Let's go," He smirks slightly. "Although..." He begins crawling over me and I smile slightly knowing exactly what he wants.

"Are you not tired of sex?" I ask.

"I could never get tired of ruining your glorious body, princess." I giggle and blush as he forces me to lie down beneath him. He unpins my hair and traces his finger tips down my cheek to my neck and down to where I have the blanket over me. His long fingers hook onto the fabric and slide it away. He dips down and captures my nipple in his mouth. I moan watching him look up at me. He bites down on me softly and I whimper.

Ring. Ring.

Harry's phone rings. He groans sitting back and pulling out his phone. I press my knees together as I'm all riled up. I pull the blanket over me.

"Hello?" He says lowly. I watch his lips move. I watch how he waits for the other side to finish with his lips in a stern pout.

"A meeting? Today?" He nearly shouts. I pout up to him giving him my best puppy eyes.

"Cancel it, I'm busy." He says tracing a light finger over my nipple. "Right now?" He ask raising an eyebrow as I take his thumb in my mouth.

"Alright put him on," he orders and pulls his thumb from my mouth and rubs it over my lips gently. I unbuckle his pants and we trade positions. He shakes his head speaking business. I feel his hard member in his silk boxers. He closes his eyes as he holds himself together. I take it out and rub my hands along it and he tenses his jaw. I attempt to give him a good blow job and apparently I'm doing pretty well. He takes my forehead tilting it up to look into my eyes. I keep eye contact as he looks down at me as he speaks. He clenches his jaw tightly and tightens a fist in my hair. I moan sucking him off.

Suddenly his hot cum is filling my mouth and it takes me by surprise as I let him cum in my mouth and I look at him whether to swallow it or not. He uses his thumb to push my mouth closed and I blush swallowing the salty sweetness. I hold my tongue out to show him he uses his fingers to clean up the bit on my chin.

He smirks looking at me and pulls me down to kiss me on the forehead, "go clean up." He orders me and I nod kissing him on the cheek and go into the bathroom to brush my teeth and get dressed for the day. I pull on a loose button down cuffing the sleeves and pulling on my jeans with cute little patches on them. I toss my messy tangled hair making it fall directly above my shoulders. When I come out Harry's buttoning his shirt and slinging his jacket on still on the phone. He hangs up sharply at the sight of me.

"I have to go," he says. I catch his hand and pout.

"Don't give me that face, the studio needs me." He tries to convince me, or him?

"But daddy..." I wine pulling on his collar. He groans holding on to my hips.

"Mm, next time princess.." He kisses the corner of my lips and I lift up wanting more and he steps away.

"I'll call you." He says with a gesture of the hand and leaving my room.

"Bye," I meekly say plopping on my bed and pouting my lips.

I'm always being left.


"So, the sex?" Mitt says as soon as he walks into my room. He sits on my bed handing me sonic.

"Mini cheese sticks and a slush." He comments. I thank him as he continues to throw questions at me.

"Well, amazing. I'd never felt anything like it." I say in wonder as I take a bite of my cheese stick.

"That's sex," he chuckles at me. "How big is he?" He ask and I blush not wanting to answer. "This big," he holds his hands up and continues to move them apart. When he gets a solid feet apart he gasps,"any bigger than this sweet heart and I'm gonna have to have a taste."

"I'm not telling you that Mitt, that's private." I shy looking down at my feet.

"Yeah it is." He jokes.

"Shut up," I chuckle at him. Just then the theme music of Vampire Diaries comes on.

"Hells yes." Mitt exclaims crawling into my bed and turning the tv up. I chuckle at him and for the first time feel content.

Harry obviously can't get enough of me and still wants more. I don't have Nathan tearing down my self esteem. Harry seems to do nothing but build it up.  He constantly admires my body and practically worships it. I feel as if I can do anything.

I have no college to worry about ,for the summer, now I can just focus on me and get a job and really start supporting myself. Things seem to be really looking up.



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