Part 12 - Caught

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I sat in the car awkwardly. I really shouldn't have gotten in the car, but Jako was actually a really good driver. He was smooth. The way he drove was almost the opposite of his actual personality. My hands would not stay still as only one thought was going through my head over and over again.


Who heard?

Who do I need to convince it was someone else?

Who would have walked away? Who would have known who I was talking about?


"So," he said suddenly, breaking the silence that had surrounded us both. He didn't look at me, so I didn't look at him. His hands were on the steering wheel casually, and he was resting his elbow out of the window casually. As if there weren't mass amounts of clouds above us and the weather didn't call for rain. "You came to Kadri's party."

"Yeah, so?"I asked, feeling uncomfortable at the mention of his name. When he said his name I thought of what just happened. I thought of how screwed I was going to be if the person who heard knew me.

"I figured you'd stay at home and study or something."

"Why would you assume that?"

"Because you're kind of a nerd...and you're weird."

"Well, I know that but you don't have to say it so bluntly. And if you know I'm a nerd why don't you just leave me alone? We have opposite personalities. I never asked for you to harass me."

He chuckled then, and it was so calm and not like his normal I'm-hopped-up-on-sugar-laugh it was creepy. I turned to look at him, turning away from the bright clouds that had formed in the sky. It felt almost as though it was going to rain any second. Or as though the moon was being barred away from us.

"Just answer me this," he said, and I looked away from him, letting out a small sigh. I rolled down the window, letting the cold air push my hair back. I shut my eyes for a moment, enjoying the feeling of the air on my face.


" Kadri."

My heart plummeted. For a second all I could see were spots, and then slowly the dots faded into the sight of Jako with his hands on the wheel staring straight ahead. His expression gave nothing away. He didn't seem shocked, or surprised. It was as if he was accepting the statement. My hands curled on my lap as I stared at him. The only sound I could hear now was the engine and the sound of my own heart.

I laughed and leaned back in my seat, turning my head to look out of the window.

"What are you saying? That doesn't-"

"I don't care about your excuses Lila. I want one thing from you."

Still tense I just stared out of the window. I exhaled slowly, and dropped my head, letting my hair cover my face like a mask.

He knew.

Jako knew.

"What?" I asked, feeling completely terrified. It felt as though I'd jumped off a bridge, and my heart wouldn't stop clenching in my chest.

"You have to date me."

I looked over at him, aware that my surroundings were starting to become familiar. We were getting closer to home.


"Meaning you have to go with me places. You have to show up to my soccor games. You have to." He stated, his voice completely even. He wasn't joking.

I stayed silent for a moment, and then I spoke with my wavering voice.

"Because of the girl with the dyed ends, right?" I asked and his hands tightened on the steering wheel.
I watched as just for a moment his calm expression was gone. He looked like he was fighting something internally for a couple moments, until the calm was completely gone and left a more angry expression.

"Yes, because my every move has to do with her. She's the reason I'm on this earth. She's the reason I ask out beautiful girls. She makes me crave other women. I love her so much that everything I do that doesn't involve her, involves her."

I just sat there, trying to understand the side of him I was seeing. By now the clouds had moved revaling the moon, which was shining down on Jako's face, highlighting the shadows that had formed as well.

"I hate you." I said, my voice sharp and clear. Somehow, even though wind was blasting through the windows, and the engine grew louder by the second those three words seemed louder. Louder than his request, and colder than his expression. He looked at me for the first time then. For a moment I didn't recognize the face I was looking at. His eyes seemed...deadpan...monotone almost. He seemed like a different person. I didn't understand. Then, he grinned, but it was different this time. I didn't trust it.

"Get over it."

Suddenly, the car stopped and I glanced out of the window. I was home, and although the ride here was short I got the feeling a lot of things happened in it. Too many for me to notice alone. We stayed there for a moment, neither one of us speaking. If felt as though something had changed between us. If felt as though even though we were closer and I'd seen more of him in reality he was far away because I'd just seen something I'd never seen before.

And just as I started to get out of the car I started to wonder why exactly Jako lived with Kadri. Where were his actual parents?

I watched as he drove away, leaving me standing there on the curb. As he drove away the clouds covered the moon once again, and as if following a que it started to rain. Not light rain, no, it started to pour. I stood there for a couple minutes, eyes closed, head tilted upwards, as if I wanted to be struck and in a way I did. I wanted to be gone. I wanted to be clean. I wanted...

I didn't know what I wanted but it wasn't the reality I was stuck in.


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