Reaching You

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"Reaching You" - MUST READ

Hello everyone!

I'm back with a new story. My sister's kinda mad that I keep creating stories without updating my old ones. Hahaha, I'm very sorry. I'll get back to them when I feel like it.

This idea has been bothering me for a while, and just like Her Last Guy, I had to take it out of my system. I don't plan to make this story too long. I originally planned this to be a short story, but.. we'll see where this goes.

This is pure fiction, but the idea and some highlights of the story are based on my real life experience. This story will be in a Pre-College setting; between highschool and college or 10th grade to 12th grade (I just made Pre-college up). I'd use college, but to most of you think,

college = maturity

I based this on my experience and in my country where:

16 years old = college

So, don't mind them (the characters) being a little naive. That's why I'll just use Pre-college for them because they'll have majors/courses which will be important for the story.

I hope you enjoy this light-hearted story. Thank you for your never ending support! I love you all.

xx Stella

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