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| 17 Years Later|

( Aliyah's POV) I woke up and look down Aaliyah was asleep next to me I gasp she woke up startled what the- I covered her mouth you know I don't like swearing? I know she laugh so what do you want to do best friend? Um we could go shopping and go out and do stuff? Sure I'll get ready.

..... Preview 2......
( After the shopping)
I laugh as we cross the street and I gasp a boy ran in the street and the car hit him I gasp Aaliyah call 911 okay and she dug in her purse and called the ambulance I ran and lifted the boy head what is your name? I ask him mike he said weakly and his eyes rolled in the back of his head and his body went limp I stared in shock I felt my self getting weaker and everything went black.....

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