Part 30

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Justin doesn't have a song for how pretty you are

July 24, 2015 at 6:52 PM


Dear Heartbroken,

Wow. You're beautiful. I don't want to come across as creepy so I'm just going to leave it at that.

I'm going out tonight, so I might not be where I have great reception. There is this old field at the edge of town that my friend's family owns. They always have parties there because the police don't really give a shit how loud it gets since nothing is around it for at least two miles in any direction. I'm going to say hi to some old friends and maybe to get a few steps closer to sharing space with Liz and not feeling like my heart is being clawed from my chest. Wish me luck.

I go back to base the day after my birthday. I used to try to get home every chance I could, but I'm finding that it's not very relaxing. My mom and dad put their lives on hold while I'm here, doing whatever they can to make sure they get to see me when I'm home. I spend the time trying to divide my time between them and friends, and trying not to be miserable thinking about how close Liz is when she feels so far away. I'm starting to think that maybe leaving town is the only way out of this. There is a lot of wisdom in the saying you have to move to move on.

So here is your truth (I could really use the information). What's it like to fall out of love?

I'll take another truth.

Your secret friend,



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