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I want a relationship
But I'm scared
I'm scared I'm gonna get hurt
I dont want someone who's in it for sex

I want honesty and the truth
I want goodnight and morning texts
But I'm scared

When I lost you I lost the other half of me
I lost feelings and couldn't stop thinking about you

Couldn't cry because I didn't feel anything
I was empty inside
You were the missing puzzle piece
But I lost you again

I gave you a second chance
I reread my chapter
And I want to change the story

I thought you missed me
But it was a trap
You caught me in it

I'm yelling for help
No one can hear
Please let me go
I can't take much more pain

I'm crying now
While Your over there with your new girl
I'm still stuck on you

Want to forget you but just can't
I still love you
When I gain feelings
They never go away

I tell myself I hate you
your no good for me
But my heart is in your hands

Stop closing your hands
Let me be free
Im trapped
I'm under your spell

Leave me alone
Forget I ever existed
but I love you

Please don't go...
I miss you more than you think
But I need to fly away so please let me go
But dont leave me here alone...

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