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****N/A: I suck at intros and summaries, so imma try and give you a rundown in this section. Gah I hate it.****

Cara is a human that's been taken care of by a wolf pack for ten years following the random death of her parents by Nomads. She finds comfort in her best friend, Alfie, Netflix, and junk food. 

Dominic is the ruler of the North American wolf packs. The supreme Alpha. His visits to Cara's packs are infrequent but nevertheless painful for the human girl. 

When Dominic's latest visit holds purpose of finding his mate, Cara's lack of respect peaks his interest. 


"You're a fool, sugar. A plain, mundane fool," he muttered as he shifted back, kneeling above me in all his naked glory. "I don't take kindly to disobedience. Not even from humans. And I'm tired of hearing you call me Dickwad. If I didn't find you so amusing, I'd have killed you by now."

I panted wildly, trying to get air back in my lungs from the chase and the fall. "I will have to think up a punishment suitable for an ungrateful human like yourself. What do you think, sugar? How should you be punished?"

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