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How soon is never?

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             I exhale heavily with a sigh of lust as cloudy fog of breath blurrs the glass. The sleeve of my purplish North Face coat does the trick.  I continue to gaze through my window at his slow moving figure as he crosses his driveway, which is parallel to mine. Why must he be so devastatingly gorgeous. A sweep of dark chocolate colored hair fell just before his middle forehead,showing off his swooning brown eyes,his maroon t-shirt tightly clung to his 6 pack as it fought against the slight winds, and his coffee colored cargo pants showed off his perfectly tan toned legs as he made long strides across the pavement. This so called "figure's" name is Stephen. Stephen,ahhh just the way his name flowes across my mouth sends a flutter through my stomach.  I've known Stephen for years, except sadly we kind of lost touch around 7 years ago. We used to be best friends. We'd hang out every day, switching from house to house as we'd run recklessly in both. Afterall, we are neighbors. Now, I long for that relationship. I long to sit in his room, sprawl across his Star Wars bedspread and talk about anything that was on my mind, like we used to. And now, he is just a mere boy next door making his way to the bus stop. THE BUS! I snap out of my steamy fantasy and rush down the stairs, suprising myself with my exceedingly smooth manuever. I swing by my kitchen table and grab my worn out vintage metal coca-cola lunch box as I swing open the screen door and scurry across the dew-drenched yard. It slams behind me as the burst of the cool autumn air slams across my face in a strangely pleasant way. I'm running across my yard for what seems like miles until i meet the silver lining of gravel. By then my next to new navy blue Toms are spotted with the unappealing wetness of the morning dew from the thin slices of green grass. I'm running at vampire speed as i hear the dreadful sound of the bus skidding to an ear splitting halt. Im almost there, I see Shannon file onto the bus, for she is the last on, I sprint to the end of the exceedingly long pavement and onto the slippery bus steps. I slightly lose my coordination but save myself from even more embarassment by clutching onto the leather seat to regain my balance. By then, myskin is stinging from the glares i am receiving from my fellow bus mates. My damp yet frizzy brunette hair clings to my scarlet cheeks.  I feel the hotness of my face turning rose red as i shuffle to my seat in an awkward way.

            I plop into my usual seat, 24, on the back row of course. I tiredly greet two of my younger friends, Shannon and Kayla. Shannon is an average height girl, nothing too out of the ordinary, her face is sprinkled with freckles and has deep brown hair and eyes to match them, and man is she pretty. But her real asset is her personality, she's real spunky, extremely outgoing, and she has something in her that makes her just naturally hilarious. I've known her for about 5 years, athough she's a grade younger than me, 7th grade, i feel like she can relate to me and talk to me about anything. Yeah, we're pretty tight. And as for Kayla, she's pretty much the polar opposite of Shannon. She's still just as gorgeous, with her pure golden blonde hair down to her stomach, sky blue eyes, and perfect complextion, she reminds me somewhat of an angel. But, shes shy, sweet, and funnny as well. Usually I would be quite engaged in the conversations that were held on the bus, but Stephen had left me in a daze. I let out a deep sigh and rested my temple on the bitterly cold window. Through the fog of the window i saw Stephen drive away in his mother's car on this way to school. Sadly, Stephen attends private Christian school at a place called Bridgeway. But next year we would will both attend  Lambot High School. GO LONGHORNS! Might as well start practicing my spirit.....

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