Obey the orders.

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My breathing had eventually calmed down and I curled up on the dirty club floor, as small as I could possibly make myself. My hand was holding onto Andy's and I could feel him shaking vigorously, his eyes trained on the floor whilst the men with the guns stepped over us threateningly.

I gave his hand a reassuring squeeze and he smiled grimly at me, his eyes widening as a black foot stepped in front of us. I sucked a deep breath in as I felt him looming over us, the presence of his gun filling the air.

"Hurry up Boss, we haven't got much time." He spoke quietly, his tone icy and dangerous.

I heard the tills open and bottles of alcohol smash to the floor next to the bar causing everyone on their knees to whimper loudly.

"Shut the fuck up! Everyone put your hands on your head where we can see them!" Another voice boomed out and everyone instantly responded, listening to his command. I placed one hand on my head whilst my other held Andy's. I wasn't going to let go of his hand especially when I knew how terrified he was.

You never know real terror until the barrel of a gun is staring at you, threatening to take you're life away. You don't know how precious your life is until you can feel it slipping away, drop by drop of blood.

I held onto his hand tightly and watched as two black feet stood directly in front of me. I didn't dare raise my head and I willed him to walk away, let me have some sort of reassurance.

"Drop his hand and put it on your head!" He screamed, leaning down into my ear. I jumped out of my skin, his voice booming down my ear. My lungs tightened once more and I gritted my teeth in anger, clinging onto Andy's hand like my life depended on it.

His desire for fear reminded me of Jones.

I turned my head, my eyes burning with hatred and met them with green ones. The dangerous sparkle in his eyes only seemed to deepen as he took in my confidence. He chuckled quietly -

"Got some balls, haven't you?"

"More than you will ever have, you're a coward for hiding yourself." I spat back at him, my voice coming out hateful and disgusted. He blinked and his face snapped backwards before one hand rose slowly and he wiped away the spit off his black face mask in slow motion. He tutted loudly and shook his head -

"You really shouldn't have done that," he whispered icily, his tone threatening. My heart started beating faster at his words but I forced myself to keep eye contact with him. The last thing I wanted was to show him I was scared.

He stood up back onto his feet slowly and I breathed out the breath I was holding, letting my lungs finally relax. His hand suddenly shot out and he grabbed me by the scuff of my neck, forcing me to my feet. My hand was ripped away from Andy's and my knees shook in fear causing me to lose my balance if it wasn't for his tight hold.

I watched emotionless as his face zoned into mine until he was inches away from me.

"You're a pretty little thing, aren't you?" he sneered, his eyes taking me in from head to toe.

"Get off me!" I spat back confidently and his eyes widened in surprise for a split second. I was so over people who wanted to hurt me, people who thrived on hurting others.

"Problem over there?" One of them asked and I watched as green eyes stared me down, the fire in his eyes burning brightly.

"No!" he shot back angrily before dragging me up further and pulling me through the crowd. I winced from the pain he was inflicting on me but let him drag me to the front by the club doors. As we passed terrified clubbers curled up on the floor, his foot shot out kicking them hard.

"Stop that! Stop kicking them!" I yelled, shoving him with my hands. He dragged me to the front and threw me to the floor, causing me to land hard on my knees. I felt the skin on my legs graze against the floor, the fresh cuts burning from the sudden pain.

"Stand up!" He barked at me and I paused for a second, closing my eyes before standing uneasily on my heels. The scene in front of me was heartbreaking. Dozens of people lay crawled on the floor, their hands shaking above their heads. Four men holding pistols supervised them, walking threateningly forwards and backwards making sure no-one stepped out of line. I looked up to find the main leader of the gang raiding the till and rushing through to the back doors where the offices were.

Tears pricked my eyes as I stood there, my knees bleeding and my clothes crumpled from being dragged. Whoever these people are, I hate them.

Green eyes walked around me slowly, his eyes leering as he drank in my body. His pistol was raised high in his hands and he pressed it against me tightly as he walked around me in a circle. I breathed in sharply as I felt his gun trace over my bandages, the area where a bullet had pierced not too long ago.


My tone was shaky, displaying my fear. The second the tip of the gun touched my bullet wound, my confidence shattered. Everything I went through with Jones ran through my head and I could feel the pain invade my heart.

"Ah! Finally..." He hissed, pressing his gun into my stomach further. He twisted it tightly into my skin and I hissed in pain, my knees buckling to the floor. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the main leader stop what he was's doing as he notices me on the floor.

He seemed to be taken aback before he finally snapped out of it, walking towards me and Green eyes. I shake in fear as he comes closer, the aura around him terrifying. I shut my eyes tightly and instead prayed silently to whatever God that was listening to me right now.

I didn't died before but there was no chance I'd be twice as lucky.

I opened my eyes slowly, tears spilling down my cheeks as the main leader stood in front of me, his presence invading all my senses.

"Get up," he ordered, his voice firm and full of authority. I did as he asked, my body shaking uncontrollably.

I stumbled a little on my feet but finally stood up, my head hanging low. I hid behind my hair like a terrified little girl, his body an inch away from mine. I could only see his chest, covered with black clothing to protect his identity.

Moments passed and I notice his chest rising heavily up and down.

Is this the moment he kills me?

I shut my eyes and thought of everything that bought happiness to my life.

Jake, Ivory, Trish, The Big Bang Theory, Nutella...

"Open your eyes" he instructed, more quietly this time, his voice timid. I frowned and obeyed his order, opening my eyes slowly and lifting my head to meet his eyes.

In that second my heart completely stopped beating as I looked into familiar blue eyes. A pained gasp escaped from my mouth as I felt my heart rip away from my body.

All along he was closer to me than I thought.


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