Unexpected Visitors Part 66

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Joy's POV...

We stayed with Donna and Teddy for quite a while until we had to leave and go back to the house in town. While us girls sat with Donna and Teddy on the veranda enjoying the serenity of the quiet and beautiful view that  was easily seen from where we were sitting, the boys, Garth, Robbie and Jarrod went out to see about the car.

Hearing it start up and purr like it did was like hearing music that floated on the air.

I'm told that when an old Holden starts up, it's suppose to purr like a kitten. Which Bobby's car did. No wonder Mum wanted to keep it.

"Every week, Robbie would start it and make sure it still went. Then once a month, he would run it down to the letter box down at the gate and make sure it still ran well. Those old cars weren't meant to be tramped the way that these modern cars are designed to do. " Teddy went on to say to us as we sat there listening.

"They were meant to be driven for pleasure, not for speed. They were a joy to drive." He added as we then heard one of the boys 'gunned the motor' to 'clear it's throat' getting 'out the cobwebs'." Us girls laughed when Donna lifted her hands to hyphen those phrases to us.

"That was the excuses they used when I would hear them doing that with the car." Donna was saying to us with this cheeky grin.

When she smiled like that, it was easy to see why she was friends with Mum and Aunty Vi. I would imagine that they were very good friends when they were together.

"We'll have to be heading back in to town soon. I'm sure that Jarrod will be organising the car to be transported back to town sometime today or tomorrow. He has heard stories about that car ever since he was little when Mum and Dad would mention it in conversations, so actually seeing and touching it will be an absolute pleasure for him." I said to the older couple who sat there with us smiling.

"We can organise that for you. We have our own car trailer that we use when needing any of the vehicles taken into town for something we can't fix out here." Teddy was saying to us.

"That would be lovely, thank you Uncle Teddy." I said to them as I leaned over and patted his hand.

"Uncle Bobby will get a kick out of it too, knowing that he has been driven around in it too." Julianne was saying as she looked out to where we can still hear the car running.

"Jarrod, Bobby's twin. He's the one that was stolen.. wasn't he? You found him then?" Donna was asking us with a piercing look, but with a little bit of confusion on her face.

"More like he found us a few years ago when he came knocking on the door of Nan and Pops house." Julianne was saying with a smile.

"A few years ago. Didn't they find him when Jarrod hid him?" She was asking as she rubbed her head again looking like she was getting a pain again.

"Don't stress over it." I said to her quietly as I rubbed her arm in a gentle and soothing manner.

"He found his way home to us." I was saying to her with a smile.

"Then who had him?" She was asking us looking confused at the moment.

"One of the reasons we came back here Donna with Mum and Dad was because Daniel sent some video's of those times via email to Vi who then downloaded them onto a USB stick and brought it to us. It was what we saw on that film that brought us back here. We saw who it was that followed you and Jarrod up here to Armidale." I was saying to her quietly and slowly.

"Bobby and Jarrod, who work with both the Police and Justice Departments, took that new information down to the police this morning to show whoever might be handling that case which was still open." I was telling them some of our activities from this morning.

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