Chapter One

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HEY GUYS! This is the fourth book of the Little Red, Little Red Series. I'm not sure if this will be the last book or not. I have bunch of ideas for the story but some of them I have no idea how to play out and some of them are not good enough to go into the books. So I'm not sure, so bare with me! Hope you enjoy the first chapter of Little Red, Big Red.

Buzz buzz, buzz buzz. Stiles' phone rang from his bedside table. Buzz buzz, buzz buzz.

It went quiet for a couple seconds and Stiles closed his eyes, hoping that would be the last time. Tears fell from his eyes as he awaited what he knew was about to come.

Buzz buzz, buzz buzz, buzz buzz, buzz buzz.

There was a knock on the door as it cracked open. Stiles didn't even attempt to move his head in the direction of the opening door, he was too numb to move. His father walked over to the bedside, sitting down as he sighed, picking up Stiles' phone. "It's Derek."

"Yeah, I know. Tenth time he has called. I counted."

"Are you going to tell me what happened now?" John said, turning Stiles' phone on silent and putting it back down.

Stiles didn't answer, which was a definite no.

"Stiles, an hour ago you showed up andcollapsed on my front stairs and said Derek cheated on you. Can you tell me how? I need at least a small amount of knowledge when I go in front the judge to try to defend why I did it."

"Dad, you're not going to kill him."

"Of course I'm not..." John said, "I'm just gonna put him down."

"This isn't the time for dog jokes John." Stiles said. The fact that Stiles called him John made him flinch. He has only called him by his first name once before, which was so long ago that John couldn't recall what the situation was.

"Alright alright. Sorry... But what happened?"

"Can we talk later?" Stiles asked. John sighed and nodded, and then realized Stiles couldn't see him.

"Yeah. Get some rest, it'll help you a little," John said, patting his sons back.

He left and Stiles was alone once more. He reached for his phone to turn some music on when he saw that Derek was calling again. He hung up and started playing music when he got the notification that he had a voicemail. He held his breath as he clicked on it and let it play.

It was quiet for a second, other than the sound of sobbing. "Stiles..." Derek said, his voice cracking as he spoke. "Stiles please answer my calls... I don't know how those underwear got into my back pock-k..." His voice broke into tears. "Please come home and I'll make it all better... I'll show you how much I love you... I would never cheat on you..." He started to choke on his sobs. "Please Sti-" The voicemail timed out.

Stiles held his phone close to his chest and let out sobs that he thought would break his vocal cords.


Derek laid face down on the bed, sobbing into Stiles' pillow. His body trembled with every breath he struggled to breathe in. He rolled over and looked up to the ceiling, holding his palms to his forehead. The feeling in his heart seemed like it was trying to split his chest in half. He sat up straight and let out a scream that he hasn't done before. It was higher pitch than his yell, and it wasn't a roar. It was a brokenhearted scream. It took all his energy and he fell back onto the pillow. He passed out just in time to not notice the bedroom door cracking ajar.


Stiles laid there, his phone laying by his head. His eyes were all dried out of tears and they laid half closed. Stiles was so numb physically and emotionally he felt like he was floating. His phone's LED light flashed white, which caught Stiles' attention. He slowly moved his hand towards the phone and woke it up. It was the number that called earlier. It sent a picture.

Stiles rolled his eyes as he unlocked the phone, already getting annoyed that this bitch would send him a picture. Once he opened it, his heart stopped. It was a picture of Derek laying on their bed, sleeping. Stiles let out a scream and flew his phone to the opposite wall of his bed. John came running in and looked around then to Stiles. "What happened?!"

"That fucking bitch sent me a picture of Derek laying on the bed! He's with her right now!" Stiles said, furious. "He was faking when he called me and left a voicemail crying! That douche-bag!"

John, ignoring the fact that his son just swore three times, went over to Stiles' phone and picked it up. The screen was shattered but it still turned on. There was indeed a photo of Derek sleeping. John sighed and frowned at his son who was sitting up at the head of his bed, arms wrapped around his knees and his head in his lap.

John dropped Stiles phone, which got Stiles' attention, and stormed out of the bedroom. Stiles quickly got up and ran after his dad. "Dad?! What are you doing?"

"I'm going over there and giving that sonofabitch a piece of my mind," John said, storming out of the front door.

"Wait no! Dad," Stiles ran out and ran to the car before his dad could pull out and jumped in. "Please just leave it alone."

"No. I'm not going to let him do this to my son." John said, violently turning a corner.

"What are you going to do..." Stiles asked, looking at his father with a questionable look.

"I don't know but I'm not just going to sit here and let this happen."

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