Short Story Contest - April 2016 - ENDED

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Hey, funky monkeys! I asked on facebook which you'd be more interested in – a blurb contest or a short story contest. The results of the polls are in, the crowd has spoken and short story it is!

GOAL: Write a short story/one-shot using one or both of these prompts:

#1. Include this sentence: "The room I'd entered was almost empty; just an old, cheep wooden desk with a couple of pencils and notebooks scattered on it, a metal-frame chair and an untidy bed right under the open window."

#2. Write from the POV of an animal. It can be whatever animal you pick: a dog, a bird, a cat, even a spider or an ant. If your story is about a safari, feel free to tell it from the POV of a lion who wants to nom on the tourists. And if you want your story to be about a shapeshifter, you can do that too, as long as at least part of the story is told while the shapeshifter is in their animal form.

Entry Requirements

➛ the entry must be no more than 5 000 words, but there's no minimum; if you can tell a good story in ten-twenty words, do so;

➛ it can be one or more chapters;

➛ it can be any genre;

➛ it can be any rating (PG, PG-13, R, etc.);

➛it can be an old story that fits the requirements or it can be something new that you wrote for this contest;

➛ it can be entered in another contest as long as submitting it in mine doesn't go against the rules of that other contest.

Due Date: April 30, 2016


1st Place Award

There may be more than one winner. Each person will win all of these:

➛ feedback on your entry;

➛ feedback on the first three (3) chapters of another story by you;

➛ adding the winning entry to my reading list Winners;

➛ giving the winning entry a shout-out in The Contest Book;

➛ giving the winning entry a shout-out on my wattpad profile in a message to my 4.7K followers.


➛ shout-out on my wattpad profile in a message to my followers;

➛ shout-out in The Contest Book along with the winner(s).

Spread the Word Reward

➛ if you tweet, retweet or send a message to your wattpad followers about the contest, I'll give feedback your entry even if you don't win.

If you tweet about the contest, comment to tell me your twitter user name!

Tweet this or retweet it from my account - @CatMint_cat:

#WIN a #shoutout & #feedback by entering @CatMint_cat's (CatMint5 on #wattpad) #shortstory #contest

Wattpad message to send:

Do you want to win feedback on two of your stories and a shout-out to over 4 000 wattpaders? Enter CatMint5's Short Story Contest! For more details or to submit an entry, click here:

Note: is the link to this chapter, shortened so it will fit in a tweet; you can share either the full or shortened link in the wattpad message, just make sure you give a link in both the tweet and the message.

HOW TO ENTER. Fill out this form and post it in the comments:




Prompt used:


Link to blurb:

*If you are co-writing, write the user names of all the authors.

NO PRIVATE MESSAGES! If you send me the link to your story in a PM, I won't count it as an entry.


Q: I've taken part in another contest you organized; can I enter this one?

A: Of course!

Q: Can I submit a story I've previously submitted in one of your contests?

A: Yes, as long as it didn't win 1st place. If it was an honorable mention, you can enter it again.

Q: Can I enter with a short spin-off of one of my novels?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I enter with a story I have posted on my blog/facebook/tumblr/any writing platform that isn't wattpad?

A: No. This contest is only for wattpad stories. But if you have a copy on wattpad and somewhere else online, you can enter by giving the wattpad link.

Q: I only have one story; what happens if I win?

A: I'll review it and throw in a second shout-out on my profile.

Q: I'm using the wattpad app; how do I copy the link?

A: Log in, click on your story, click on the icon that looks like three circles joined with two lines, click on Copy Link.

A: Log in, click on your story, click on the icon that looks like three circles joined with two lines, click on Copy Link

Oops! This image does not follow our content guidelines. To continue publishing, please remove it or upload a different image.

(example with my work in progress/ongoing story We are the Answer)

Q: Can you give us an example of how to fill out the form?

A: Sure! This is something I wrote a few years ago and it's the inspiration behind Prompt #2.

Title: When the human's away, the cat doesn't play

By: CatMint5

Genres: Humor

Prompt used: #2

Blurb: Ever wondered what your pet does when you are away? Or how would it greet you once you come back? What would it do or say? Wait! Animals don't speak. Or do they?

This short story is about Cheshire Blueberry Green – a Maine Coon cat whose human caretaker left for the weekend. Once she comes back, the animal tries to tell her how it felt without her but would she be able to understand?

Link to blurb:

This is it for this contest. If you have any other questions, ask in the comments. As for next time: would you prefer another short story contest or a blurb one (for an example of what that is, check out chapter Love/Romance Blurb Contest – February 2016)?

Good luck, you funky monkeys! ☺

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