(1)Please Come With Me

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You frowned as the final bell rang.

"Hey! Y/N! What's with the long face?" Your best friend forever teased. 

"Oh! What?" You ask the tall male.

"This." He says, putting his fingers on the sides of your lips which were pointing down. "I like it like this." He says, moving his fingers up gently to make it look like you were smiling. He let go and let you smile comfortably.

"Oh!" You giggle at his childish act. "I don't want to go home yet, I want to hang with you more!" You say, a smile now gracing your S/C face. You both start walking to your lockers.

"Sorry Y/N, I have to go with Garroth because mom won't be home and dad is at work. He is watching Laurance in his soccer, even though the team sucks." He laughs at the truth, making me join in.

"It's fine, maybe you should join." You tease him as you pause at your locker.

"I hate sports, though." He complains with a playful glint in his icy eyes, pausing at his locker too. 

"Well try again!" You laugh.

"Will you come with me?" He says like a 3-year-old as he sorts through his locker. You grab your books and put them in your book bag, along with 'Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief'. 

"Sorry Zane, I have to get home." You say but get pulled backwards. Long, muscular, and pale arms wrap around your waist. Your back meets a firm chest and he lays his head in the crook of your neck which was covered with a scarf. 

"Ughhhhh." He groans but continues. "Pleeeeaaaase?" He says, his warm breath hitting your neck, through the scarf, pulling you into full attention. Your face heats up.

"Z-Zane! I have to get home! If I don't my dad will worry and call the police, my mom will do something stupid too!" You lie, your face was beaming bright red.

"Tell them you're with me." He mutters, his lips pressed to your neck above your scarf as he nuzzles your H/C hair.

"I'm really sorry Zane, I can't. I really wish I could but they wouldn't want me hanging out with a bunch of boys." You say, stretching the lie.

"But that is always your excuse!" He exclaims.

"Zane! Hey, look! I'm really sorry but if I don't get home now I will have a big punishment!" You whisper to him.

"Huh," He huffs. "fine."

"I'm really sorry." You say as he lets go of you and you put on your book bag. "I might see you later this weekend." You smile and kiss his cheek, a normal habit of yours.

"Okay, fine." He replied, smiling also, as he kissed your forehead.

"Bye Zane!" You yell as you start running down the hallway.

"Bye Y/N!" He yells back. You take a glance back and he moves his hands into a heart shape. You two were quite the bunch of best friends.

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