New story. Got the idea. Thought it'd be good. Tell me what ya think

This is Vincent -------------------------------------->

          *             *                    *                             *                                     *

     Vampires are mythical. Right? I have an incredable fear of vampires. I know their not real but they scare me anyway. I would never tell this to my friends, they would make fun of me until the day we die.

     The last week of summer. That's when it happened.

     I was walking in the woods, needing time away from my parents. I stopped and closed my eyes, listening to the rustle of the leaves in the breeze. The small chatter of the squirrels as they scavenged for food. It was a peacefull day, the best one that summer.

     I opened my eyes and instantly knew something was wrong. I didn't recognize the place where I know stood. My eyes searched the trees, but found nothing. I could no longer hear the leaves, or the squirrels. My heartbeat started increasing as I grew more and more panicked. Trying to calm myself, I started forward. The sun was fading fast as I started walking faster. I heard noises all around me. My breathing became fast and loud as I looked all around me for whatever was making the noise. I soon tripped over a branch and fell to the ground. I curled up into a ball as I saw human-like figures closing in on me. That is my last memory before I blacked out.

     I woke up in a dark box. My eyes soon adjusted to the low light and realized I was moving, in a truck. I tried to rub my eyes but my hands were bound behind my back. I managed to get myself into an upright position. I looked around me, memorizing my whereabouts. I heard a low chuckle from a corner and looked to see a male walking out from the shadows.

     "Well, well, well. The human awakens." He said in a gruff voice.

     "Who are you?" I asked.

     "The better question is, who are you?" He asked.

     "My name is Zandabelle." I replied.

     "Well Zandabelle, prepare to meet the king and the queen. Please try to act civalized." He said.

     He walked behind me and hoisted me up. He led me out of the truck and onto the pavement. I looked around and saw we were in a large courtyard. There was a stable off to the side, along with a servant's quarters. Infront of me was the largest castle I have ever seen. I starred at it wide-eyed until I heard the male from before chuckle.

     "Like it?" He asked.

     "It's amazing." I breathed.

      The man pushed me foreward and soon we were at the large oak doors of the castle. The man said something to the door keeper and we were allowed access to the castle. I took in as much as I could while the man lead me down many corridors. He stopped me outside another pair of oak doors. He turned me to face him and he started dusting off my clothes. I looked at him quizically.

     "Don't want to make a bad impression, do you?" He asked.

     I remained quiet and he took that as a yes. When he was satisfied with my appearence he pushed open the doors and led me into a large room. At the back of the room stood two chairs. In the chairs sat a male and a female. The king and queen, I presume. We stopped right in front of them and the man bowed.

     "The intruder, your majesties." He said, then went to stand by the doors.