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CONAN: You're back after forever! I can't wait to see what happens next!
ME: I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not >.>

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I just want to thank you and inform you about some things in this note! There are several stuff I just want to address so I can get the opportunity to talk with you guys about Important News about I A M H I S, and other things such as Altered Update Schedules, as well as other Announcements that I might make.

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So literally in about 3 Month you've helped this book reach, from 68K since 5 chapters ago, to 542K!!! Do you have any idea how much of an achievement this is! You guys even put up with me for not regularly updating as often as I should have...
# Y o u     a l l     a r e     S u p e r     B a e !
And yes, all that the Comments & Votes really do help out because they keep me motivated! You readers are the blood to this book, and it really really warms my heart that you've read so far despite me taking so long to update!

I want to thank and acknowledge Five readers & Eight commenters & Fourteen Mentionables especially for their Lasting Engagement in the story, their Funny Wit comments, their Inquisitiveness, their Romantic Silliness, and finally their Clever Spirits:

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(These people are awesome because they really help me out by pointing out spelling errors, grammar mistakes, etc. And no I'm not being mean by pointing you guys out. You'd really deserve this award because if I re-write this book, it would be nice to know where to start, so thank you so much!
You ain't no Nazi bro!)

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You Twenty-Four really made my week! Thank you so much for commenting!!!

You all are amazing, and I am glad that I have the opportunity to write for such beautiful, amazingly funny, b a d a s s , gif-loving people like you guys!
(I am keeping this line because I can find no other way to re-phrase it every Five chapters, lol. Sue me ;D)
Love you guys, no matter what height you all are  ; ) *wink wink* (inside joke for you guys!)

Thank you everyone (again)!!! :)

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Guys,  e x a m s  has me, in all honesty, screwed! This book will be updated sporadically now. I am sorry for that, but you know... Exams. 

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My darlings, I just want to remind those who read I A M H I S to follow me.
F O L L O W I N G me means that you get to see direct update messages. As soon as I update a chapter, you will get a notification of I AM HIS being updated!

Thanks for being so patient with me! 

{These Author's Notes
-- will appear every five chapters-- 

How did you guys like the Legend? Any Theories on how this will affect the story? Hmmm? You trust me to give everyone a happy ending? 

How did you guys like the Legend? Any Theories on how this will affect the story? Hmmm? You trust me to give everyone a happy ending? 

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 Just kidding guys ;) }

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