Chapter 12 Stefans P.O.V.

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I don't understand why she would just want me to leave like that. All I'm trying to do is look out for her. She just had her heart broken and I don't want to take advantange of her. I decide it's best to not try to fight it right now so I just get in my car and take off. I drive to a near by park that is usually empty and decide to just take a walk and clear my head. I mean Kendra has no idea at all just how much I care about her. I find myself thinking of her every minute of the day. I would never hurt her, but it's like she's playing with my mind and she's making me out to be something that I'm not.

 I walk out far enough until I find a nice shady place in the grass and just lay there looking at the sky. It's just so peaceful out here all alone. I lay there just trying to fight the feeling that I should just go back, but I know she probably just needs time to cool off.

I'm just laying there relaxing when my phone starts ringing. I grab it out of my pocket and answer it."Hello."

"Stefan it's me Kelsey. " There's a panicked sounding Kelsey on the phone. "It's Kendra, she was just in a car crash and I don't know if she's hurt I-I don't know..."

I start pacing back and forth and running my hands through my hair."OK calm down and breath for a second. Tell me what happened."

She let's out a deep breath and then starts talking slower."I don't know what  happened but Kendra is being rushed to the hospital, will you meet us there please?"

My heart stops in my chest. I pause for a minute and try to take this all in before I answer her back. "Shit ...... I hope she's ok. I'm leaving the park right now and I'll be there."

I hang up the phone and run to my car, tripping over my own feet but catching myself before falling. I jump in my car and speed to the hospital. Shit this is my fault. If I would've just stayed then she wouldn't of left the house. If anything happens to her I'll never forgive myself. I get to the hospital in only five minutes and sit in the waiting room just tapping my leg nervously with my hand waiting for them to show up. I sit there for what seems like forever waiting, until I decide to go find a soda machine. I decide on a Dr. Pepper and then head back to the waiting room. I look down to open my pop when I run into to someone.

"I'm sorry I should've been..." I look up to see that idiot Jason standing in front of me with a smirk on his face.

He leans against the wall and looks me up and down."What the hell are you doing here?"

I lean in close to him so that our faces are only inches apart. "I'm here to see Kendra, what do you think?" Why the hell would Jason be here? I thought she was through with him.

He looked at me with a pleased look on his face."Don't you think that if Kendra wanted you here then I wouldn't be here."

I think about it for a minute and realize that it does make a lot of sense, for her to call on the old love of her life in a bad moment like this and all of a sudden I feel like a fool. I mean it's not like she called me, Kelsey did and she might not even know that Kelsey asked me to come.

"I'll be sure to tell her you stopped by." He stands there looking at me and laughing.

Every part of me wants to reach out and knock the shit out of him. I decide that maybe he's right and I feel like such a fool. I give him one last look before I turn around and head out the door.

I hop in my car and start punching the steering wheel. Then I start my car and head home. I need to clear my mind.I drive home and decide to work out to try to think about something else, anything but her and Jason. How did I let myself fall this much for someone? I can't open up again just to get hurt again.

When I get home I go straight for my weight bench and work out harder than I have in a very long time, but no matter how much I try I still can't stop thinking about Kendra. I throw my weights down and jump in the shower. I have to go see Kendra.

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