Suddenly, I'm able to feel my own actions and I slam my foot down on the brake. As a result, The car jerks forward causing me to hit my head against the steering wheel. Ouch.

"What are you doing?" He asks flustered, "Keep driving!"

"No!" I snap, unbuckling my seatbelt and trying to open the door again.

     The boys hands grab onto my shoulders, yanking me so that I'm facing him. His eyes stare into mine, their brown color turning to yellow once again. I can't be imagining this, can I?

"Stop!" I scream, slapping his face. What? He didn't even flinch.

"I want you to drive until this road ends and then take a right," He demands.

"No," I mumble, using up my last bit of courage, "I won't,"

"Why aren't you listening to me!" He yells, his eyes glowing even brighter. My head starts to feel funny, almost like I'm obligated to listen to him. I quickly shake my head, clenching my eyes shut.

"Get out of my fücking car!" I scream, covering my eyes with my hands.

Silence follows my demand, forcing myself into an awkward state. I hate silence. It always means that you've done something wrong or that something bad is about to happen. You know, like the calm before a storm?

When the silence continues on, I decide to take a peek at him from behind my fingers. Maybe he's gone... Hopefully he's gone.

Dang it. He's not.

His eyebrows furrow together creating creases on his forehead. Why does he look so confused? I watch as he bites down on his lips, almost as if he's deciding wether or not to do something.

"How are you resisting my compulsion?" He asks suddenly.

"Wha-what the fück is compulsion?" I stutter, snapping my eyes shut once again.

"Are you wearing vervain or something?"

"What's that!?"

"Drive," He states for like the fifth time.

"I said no!" I snap, removing my hands from my eyes to glare at him.

"Fine, guess we'll do it the hard way," He sighs, harshly cupping my face so that I'm forced to stare at him.

"You will follow my every command!" He shouts, his eyes turning a bright blue.

Suddenly, the car begins to shake and the scenery surrounding me melts away to black. I feel as if I've shrunken down to fit into an all black room, only with one tv screen that displays the outside world.

I focus my eyes on the screen, watching myself start to do everything the man asks. Tears begin to form in my eyes, the feeling of being completely useless taking over my senses. How is he doing this?

"Stop crying," His voice echoes through the dark room, my tears instantly vanishing.

"WHY CANT I CONTROL MYSELF!" I scream at the top of my lungs, noticing that even when I talk it doesn't reach the outside world. It's like I'm a prisoner to my own mind.

"There's no point in trying to fight it," He says without feeling, "you'll only damage your weak human heart further,"

"YOU CREEPY ÄSS MONSTER! LET ME GO!" I yell back at him, my own voice echoing off the walls, "IVE DONE NOTHING TO YOU!"

"You made me annoyed," he replies.

How did he just hear me if I'm only allowed to think?

"I can hear everything you think, now go faster,"

My eyes widen. Not even my own thoughts are safe from him? What on Earth is he?!

"Get out,"

I look back to the screen floating in the dark room, almost like a projection of what's happening in my life. His hand grasps my arm, forcefully dragging me into what looks to be an abandoned house. I find it strange that I can feel his touch... But not my own actions.

"Cal! We thought they caught you for sure!" A red haired boy smiles, "You bring home a snack?"


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