Hey people chapter 16. i wanted to say this chapter is just gonna be romantic no action only in the begininng there is a small fight... Oooooooo what has Chanina123 planned you ask... Well read the story and find out!!!!


I woke up alone and cold. I groaned when I rolled over something. I reached under my back to pick up the most beautiful blossem ive ever seen. I smiled until I realized there was a note taped to it.

Cherlly love,

I went to find something for us to do today. I know you

being a late sleeper to by the time you wake up I will

probaly be by the beach waiting for you you with a lovely

breakfeast for you. Promise me you wont get more beautiful

between here and then. Even though you always break that

promise... <3

-Jar. XOXO


I held the note to my heart. I love him. I really do. I wonder what was planned today. He always went all out for me. How did I ever get a mate like him? I slipped on a purple dress and some sandals. I put the blossem in my hair and walked outside. I walked along the beach scanning it for him, bringing back memories of last night.

I was so angry and broken. Ive never been so broken in my life. And was absoultely horrified of him. Ive never been afrid of Jared before. I havent been horrified since Jerome really. Even when I was attacked by vampires in the woods. I have no problem saying there type considering about 6 months ago I was one. Nothing fasied me much anymore.

But Jared...

His wolf and his anger...

Scared me...

I looked some more and I saw Jared staring off into the water. I smiled. I ran up behind him and covered his eyes. He took my hands off his eyes and hugged me from behind, Never releasing my hands.

"Cherlly your awake" he said kissing my cheek.

"No im asleep" I said sarcastically with a smile.

"Dont get saucey with me" he said laughing.

"Jared? Did you just say saucey?" I said inbetween laughs.

"Shhhh stop laughing, and come on I have a suprise" he said wrapping his arms all over me, devouring me into him.

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