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Actions that predate living memory had started to affect the Onyx Labyrinth

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Actions that predate living memory had started to affect the Onyx Labyrinth. Alright, the Commander of the Guardians and the Healer were the oldest Fae there – and they're only thirty-five. Still, the Dragon Court was stretching; testing the strength of the other Courts before the fifty years of peace would finally be over.

That's why the Court living in the Onyx Labyrinth had to unite with another. That's why Brandon, Duke of the Court, was engaged to a princess hailing from the Echo Labyrinth.

Daphne knew all the reasons she couldn't be with the man she loved – he was the knight in shining armour saving the damsel from the dragon – but it sucked.

She'd hated his faceless fiancée from the moment it was announced that he was to be married. She didn't even sneak a peek at the woman when the engagement party was held; preferring to do her duty as Guardian and keeping the Onyx Labyrinth safe.

But now...

Daphne couldn't look away from the curvy little blonde next to Brandon. She wore a pink evening gown in a shade that made her look grown-up and feminine, innocent and girly all at once. It was a sweet, soft look that Daphne was incapable of ever achieving. She'd only trip in all those layers of chiffon.

Besides, she liked being a badass Guardian wearing mostly leather clothes that kept her warm and was strong enough to endure battles. There wasn't a place for a concealed weapon in the princess's dress...

'There was talk,' her commander interrupted her thoughts through the mind-link. 'That's why Princess Calliope is now living here. No-one wants to see the arrangement fall through.'

Daphne didn't have to ask what kind of talk – everyone knew by then that Leanne was a Leannan Sìth and that only true love's kiss could've saved the Duke.

Speculation was rife. At least Ruhan had taken Henri out of the Onyx Labyrinth – or she would've cut out his gossiping tongue.

'As one of the few female Guardians, you've been assigned to protect the Princess,' her commander continued through the mind-link.

Daphne recoiled before checking herself. She nodded tersely that she understood.

She was grateful that her commander only gave her one look of pity before leaving.

Sometimes it sucked to be a Guardian.

Daphne woke up shivering, covered with sweat.

At least she was alone in her room. The Elves had made it entirely sound proof – even to the mind – after she'd gotten rid of the Leannan Sìth who was killing them for their blood.

The Fever induced dreams were getting worse. So was the Fever. Images of Brandon still flickered in her vision.

Since the day she'd found out that she and Brandon suffered from the Life-Mate Fever, it had been nothing but a curse.

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