Chapter 1

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Third Person POV:

The girls sat there, in pure shock.

"W-why?" Jordan managed out.

"Because!" Niall spat.

"Now Niall, be nice to our... Guests." Louis said.

"We have our reasons.." Zayn smirked.

"But.. But.." Zoey tried to say something, but couldn't find the right words.

"But.. But.." Harry mocked her, laughing coldly.

"You know! Our boys will find us!" Alexis yelled, angrily.

"They're to stupid to find you!" Liam said and glared at them.

"Why us?!" Danielle pleaded.

"Because we have our own damn reasons!" Zayn yelled. By now, only Taylor had the courage to speak.

"Pourquoi nous? Vous êtes célébrités! Nous sommes juste des filles normales, nous n'avons rien fait!"

"What the hell?!" Louis looked at her weird as she rolled her eyes.

"I said, Why us?! You're celebrities! We're just normal girls, we did nothing!"

"Stop being nosy!" Harry yelled then looked at Liam. "Cut them loose." Liam did as told but quickly went back to the door where the other boys were standing.

"This is your room for the night.. Sleep well. Hopefully the mice won't bite." Louis then smirked. "Or the spiders." With that they closed the door leaving the girls in a state of panic.

Zoey's POV:

Suddenly I heard barking from a different room. Then I realized.. I had Kodiak with me when they kidnaped me! I quickly ran to the door and started banging on it. No sooner than I had done that. Harry appeared.

"WHAT?!" He glared.

"Leave my dog. P-please." I begged. I knew I was going to cry, Harry simply smirked.

"We'll see.." Harry slammed the door in my face. I heard Kodiak barking then yelping.. Then silence. I began crying hysterically. They killed my dog... They killed him..



Anyway, here is book two. The first book. (If you didn't read it) Is called Our2ndLovers. Go read that before you read this one.

Love you guys!


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